Biden’s Hate for America on Display! Biden’s UN Ambassador Declares America Is a Racist Country Worse Than China’s Genocide of Uyghurs

Joe Biden’s UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield is doubling down on her latest batch of anti-America rhetoric and we wish that we were even a little bit surprised by that. She made an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation over the weekend, where the nonsense was spouted once more.

“White supremacy is weaved into our founding documents and principles,” said Thomas-Greenfield last week. This was a lot to tale in and of course, she could not back down from this statement. All of the Biden voters who are all for this type of talk would not like that. Wait until you see the comparison that she decided to draw!

According to her, our founding fathers are just as bad (if not worse) than the Chinese. The genocide that they visited upon the Uyghurs is the comparison that was drawn here and we can hardly believe it. Nearly a million Muslims (many of whom are Uyghurs) have been held in Chinese detention camps for the past seven years. How could she draw such a ridiculous comparison?

This is the sort of juxtaposition that makes us wonder if Joe Biden and his team have lost their minds completely. How can anyone make this comparison with a straight face and still claim to love America? Biden is content to spread whatever talking points are provided to him by the Chinese Communist Party.

The genocide is no big deal, you see, because it is part of the Chinese cultural norms. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called Thomas-Greenfield the “Ambassador of Blame America First”, according to host Margaret Brennan. She wanted to know why the founding fathers of America were compared to these types of maniacs over in China.

“I was acknowledging what is a fact in the United States. Racism does exist in this country and I think it was a powerful message. Imagine any other country doing that. Our country, the uniqueness of our country, is that we can self-criticize and we can move forward and our values are clear,” Thomas-Greenfield began.

“But I’m realistic about what we have to do moving forward. And I think if we are going to be a voice around the globe for raising issues of human rights, we cannot whitewash our own issues in- in our own country,” she continued. We are going to be very honest here. We were a bit surprised that Brennan did not try to push back against this insanity.

If hosts like her are not going to do their part, this type of rhetoric is only going to become more and more commonplace as the years pass. While there is nothing wrong with being willing to take a sober look at America, without the rose-colored glasses….we wonder who this type of talk is going to help.

If we took the time to put on our tinfoil hats, it is not hard to see what the primary objective is. Biden and his team want to make sure that the Chinese are always comfortable. We are rapidly becoming a country that cares more about pleasing our Chinese masters than saying or doing what is right.

This is where we are at and it is a sad place. Anyone who does not see it is being willfully ignorant and naive. Brennan is just the latest example of someone turning into a deer in the headlights as soon as they are expected to push back against this type of rhetoric.

We are hoping for some more hard-hitting interviews going forward. We are tired of watching people fail to explain the obvious: Biden is putting America at the very bottom of his list during a time when we need to be #1. After the awful year that we have all experienced, the last thing that we need is for China to be placed at the top of the heap. Sadly, this is exactly what Biden has planned.