Biden’s Ignorance Is On Full Display

Evan El-Amin /

All Americans are left scratching their heads again after Biden makes statements that contradict each other. The old man claimed that gun control would eliminate the Second Amendment. And just a few moments later, Biden decided to mention what freedoms Americans need to lose.

The Democrats have wanted to make it illegal for Americans to own semi-automatic weapons. Biden took time to speak out against his hatred for such weapons. He believes that the right to own such a weapon is why students died in the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The old man thinks that taking away the right for a person to defend themselves will make America a safer place to live. He fails to understand that a killer will be able to get a weapon from a weapons dealer operating in the dark. Disarming citizens is not the right approach to stopping gun violence.

Biden stated, “We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. And if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21, strengthen the background checks.”

The old man just told the public that he wants to protect the Second Amendment, and then he comes out and declares how he will do away with the freedom to own a gun.

Biden does not understand that killers will get their weapons from sources not accessible to the general public. The Daily Wire reported that “Raising the age needed to buy firearms would not have stopped nine of the 10 worst mass shootings in U.S. history as all of the shooters, except for two, were 21-years-old or older. Of the two shooters who were under 21, one of them, the man responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting, stole the weapons that he used from his parents.”

The only reason Biden took to making a speech was to ruin Republicans by trying to prove that they do not care about the kids. His accusation could not be further from the truth. The Republicans want to protect the country from all kinds of evil, both domestic and external.

Biden and his administration are the ones who want to hurt people. Biden has opened the southern border up to the invasion, taken food from children, raised inflation, and caused the cost of fuel to rise.

Biden neglects to tell how a member of his own family has lied to get a gun. Hunter Biden was found lying on a background check, which is a felony. The attorney, Arthur Swartz, assigned to the case, mentioned that Hunter Biden’s girlfriend would take the gun and put it in the trash next to a school. Anyone could have found the gun and used it to kill people. His point was that existing laws need to be enforced before any new ones are ever implemented.

Joe Biden and his Democratic thugs believe that new laws are needed to control gun violence. But Swartz shows that replacing old laws that are not being enforced is not the answer. Law enforcement must be allowed to enforce the laws without having the liberals stand in their way.

The liberals need to change existing laws and replace them with ones that allow them to take control in certain situations. The Second Amendment keeps that from happening because it provides a way for the general public to defend against the spread of tyranny and evil.

Biden is seeking a path that will allow the Democrats to destroy the right to own a gun. Once they have the semi-automatic weapons banned, they will come for the smaller handguns.

The Democrats do not care about the loss of life in Texas. All they saw was an opportunity to push their gun control nonsense. The president and his administration missed another opportunity to reach out to the victims of a horrible crime. And all he wanted to do was politicize the issue for his gain.