Biden’s Immigration Lunacy! Unaccompanied Minors at the Border Triple in Less Than Two Weeks

This is an issue that is sure to get much worse before it has a chance to get better. For starters, there is a spring surge that is being predicted. The story should be a much bigger deal in the mainstream media but we know how they are about these types of things. They would rather pretend that they are not taking place.

Let’s spend all of our time talking about the Dr. Seuss back catalog instead! This is the meaningless drivel that they would prefer to focus on. Biden is facing a major crisis that is sure to grow more dire, especially as the weather starts to turn. The GOP cannot wait to pounce and Trump has already been making comments.

The Biden White House is responsible for the brewing crisis because they rescinded the rules that were put into place by the previous administration. The Border Patrol that was once able to turn away minors who posed a public health risk has now been stripped of these powers. It is only a matter of time before things take a turn for the worse.

Mexican and Central American families have wasted no time sending their kids up to America. This is something that anyone could have expected….except for Joe Biden, apparently. Since the GOP has Biden in their crosshairs right now, we believe that it is only a matter of time at this point. The New York Times also has some news that is sure to have the Democrats worried.

“The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the southern border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, filling facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters, according to documents obtained by The New York Times…

Border agents encountered a migrant at the border about 78,000 times in January, the highest number for that month in at least a decade. Most of those were adults or families who were rapidly turned away under a pandemic emergency rule. The administration is expected to announce an increase in those crossings this week, according to officials…

Health and Human Services had more than 8,100 unaccompanied children in its shelters as of Sunday, with space readily available for only 838 more, according to the documents. More than 42 percent of the roughly 3,250 children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection were held longer than the maximum of three days, even though they were referred for placement in shelters by Homeland Security, according to the documents,” the Times shares.

When even the New York Times is willing to call out the situation at the border, this should tell everyone how dire it is. Children who are detained at Border Patrol facilities are supposed to be taken to HHS shelters that are far more comfortable within 72 hours. Sadly, there are simply too many new arrivals for them to process them all. The crush is causing all sorts of unforeseen problems, even for those who are accompanied by an adult.

If they are not accompanied by a parent, the US must take the time to investigate the arrival and make sure that they are not involved in any form of trafficking. The process can take weeks, if not months. This means that the Biden administration is engaging in the same separation tactics that they claimed they would be putting a stop to. It’s funny how that works and it didn’t take them long to break their promises.

On the bright side, it’s going to be much easier for the GOP to slam dunk that Biden mega amnesty bill right into the trash. The centrist Democrats (such as Joe Manchin) are never going to go for it anyway. Biden is going to be facing a major border crisis with no end in sight. He’s about to be caught between a rock and a hard place. His party and the GOP are not going to go along with the open border plan but the progressives who he courts will not be pleased if he reneges.