Biden’s Oval Office Changes Say a Lot

The Democrats don’t really think about what they say. They don’t feel as though they have to consider how anything will impact Americans. The joke about fumigating the White House must be over because President Biden began making changes to his Oval Office before the seat cooled down from Trump’s exit.

Every president makes changes to the White House and the Oval Office. It is their prerogative to do so. Some changes are more subtle than others.

With a quick glance into the Oval Office, there’s a noticeable change – the cream-colored carpet is gone. Biden has decided to go with a dark blue, a color that hasn’t been in place since Bill Clinton’s administration.

There’s likely a reason why Clinton chose a dark color – it helps to hide stains more effectively. So, we can only anticipate Biden will be just as filthy as his Democratic predecessor during the 1990s.

Gold curtains usually hang behind the desk. These are still gold, but it’s a darker hue. Perhaps it’s designed to add a more youthful look. It’s the old smoke and mirrors trick to present Biden as someone who is younger.

Let’s not remind the American people that they just voted in the oldest president to date.

Biden has an interest in science – so he changed out some of the busts and photos. Benjamin Franklin has taken up residency more prominently than in years’ past.

It appears that Biden is trying to win some points with the liberals, too.

He’s going to have a bust of Cesar Chavez added to pay tribute to the trade unionist of Latin origin. He’ll also be adding Robert Kennedy, one who defended the advancement of civil rights. Martin Luther King, too, will be added.

That should help to quiet Black Lives Matter, at least for a little while.

Biden’s trying to prove that he’s an American and that he has the best interest of Americans in mind with all of his decisions. On his side table, he has photos of Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.

Are these reminders of the man he wants to become? Of the country that he wants to destroy? It’s all too soon to tell. However, if he wants to make friends with BLM, he may want to take down Jefferson since he was a known slave owner.

Biden also apparently decided to say to hell with the military. He’ll be just like Obama when it comes to cutting military funding. He removed the military flags that were placed there by Trump.

When Biden decides to get us into a war that we don’t belong in, he probably doesn’t want the reminder that he’s sending thousands of troops to fight.

We wouldn’t want Biden to get a guilty conscience or anything. So, he simply has the U.S. flag and the one with the presidential seal.

Biden is quick to make changes in every way possible – through redecorating, executive order, and more. It won’t be long before Kamala Harris is out there in the rose garden in her Chucks next to Dr. Biden with a pair of pruning shears.

Quick! We can’t let the beauty left behind by Melania Trump remain. Everything from the Trump administration must be eliminated. Why wait? It can be done right away. No one should have to be reminded of what President Trump put the people through!

The changes to the Oval Office are abrupt and noticeable. It proves that Biden is looking to change things as quickly as possible. He’s likely been thinking about these changes for the past few months, contacting interior decorators before votes were even cast.

We can’t handle all of this change. And each change he makes proves that he’s not looking out for the American people. Redecorating isn’t the way to solve problems. Redecorating is only proving that he’s keeping busy until the liberals make their next demand.