Biden’s People Set Up Roadblocks To Keep People From Finding Out the Truth Over COVID-19

Maclevan /

COVID-19 is the hottest topic that people want honest answers about. They want to know where it came from and which group of people needs to be held accountable for the deaths that have spanned the globe. The Democrats think that they have a monopoly on being secretive and getting away with hiding the truth about certain vital things that have affected the nation. But the Democratic Party has taken significant steps to hide the truth and prevent others from digging into the matter.

Republican lawmakers are part of the millions who want to know the truth. Several of them have resorted to blaming Joe Biden and his sick administration for deliberately putting obstacles up to keep people from finding out the truth about where the nasty virus was first created.

A total of 21 Republicans signed a letter and sent it over to Xavier Becerra, the Health and Human Services Secretary. They also sent the letter to the National Institutes of Health’s acting director Dr. Lawrence Tabak. The letter is demanding that these two people stop playing around with the truth and provide the desired files on the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its role in creating the COVID-19 virus.

The virus is way too selective in its targets. Nearly every American knows that the virus was created in a lab in Wuhan, China. But the Chinese and Joe Biden cannot afford the truth to get out because it will destroy them and cause the world’s wrath to fall on their greedy little heads.

The Republicans want to know where the money came from that funded the research that led up to the creation of COVID-19. EcoHealth Alliance is the organization that is suspected of having taken taxpayer money and handed it over to the Wuhan lab so they could slice and dice a virus to create the following superbug. Both organizations have rejected any attempts by lawmakers to gather the material to complete any investigation.

The Republicans seeking information also want to know about the federal health experts that have influenced the creation of the virus. Some evidence links Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins to the deed. And it should not surprise anyone that Collins has since left the National Institute of Health since the COVID-19 race for truth has started. Collins wants to remain in the shadows because Collins knows that it will bring him down once the truth comes out.

Nearly a dozen federal health nuts have denied and lied about their role in creating COVID-19. They cannot let the truth out regarding the virus’s creation and the people that released it to the wild.

The letter drafted by the Republican lawmakers states that “Rather than be transparent with Committee Republicans, HHS and NIH have chosen to hide, obfuscate, and shield the truth. This stonewalling is particularly troubling considering NIH’s direct involvement in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the agency’s policy or practice to destroy potentially pertinent documents related to grant-making decisions. For example, we know that an NIH advisor was forced by NIH to shred notes and other documents pertaining to the WIV grants as early as 2014.”

These so-called doctors were forced to destroy documents related to the truth behind the virus. And the fact that they continue to keep people from finding out the truth only shows how deep the corruption goes regarding the deliberate attack on humanity that some liberals were willing to take.

Joe Biden has his hands in the coverup as well. After he moved into the White House, he quickly killed the investigation started by Donald Trump. The Trump administration was getting close to the truth, and Biden could not have his name on it or any of the other members of the guilty party be exposed and held accountable.

Biden would kill the investigation and purposely set up his investigation to confuse and blockade any other people from digging into the truth. In an election year, the old man cannot afford to have his name attached to the virus.