Biden’s Police State! NSA Admits They Were Illegally Spying on More Than 16,000 Americans

Before we get started here, we would like to offer some background. Did you know that the Black Lives Matter protesters was closely linked to a sizable amount of destruction of property? According to reports, they are responsible for 91 percent of the riots that have caused the most expensive property damage in our nation’s history.

During this same time period, were there any Trump rallies that descended into an orgy of violence? Of course not. That’s not the story that the mainstream media wants to tell but here we are. Once January 6th took place, the mainstream media immediately lunged into action.

They saw their opportunity to paint Trump supporters with the most evil brush possible. Out of the 1 million Trump supporters who went to the Trump rally that preceded the protest, less than 1,000 actually breached the Capitol building. Nearly 400 of these people have been arrested, even though the police who were on hand that day were more than willing to wave them inside.

The deep state and the Democrats have been conspiring to prevent the release of the videos that would exonerate those who were present that day. Since they have been handed a chance to act as if Trump supporters are a national scourge, they are not giving it up without a major fight. Now, Revolver News is doing their best to blow the lid off the whole thing.

There are co-conspirators that have yet to be indicted. Yes, the far left is going to do whatever they can to act as if this a narrative that has been fully hatched by the conservative media. At this point, people need to get over themselves and stop running from the facts. There were definitely paid conspirators from the FBI and the Department of Justice on hand that day and we do not care what the counterargument is at this point because there isn’t a sane one.

In fact, Revolver News believes that these paid FBI informants were among the most violent. That’s because they were looking to stir up trouble and cause mass violence. Their hope was a very simple one to understand: they wanted to incite Trump supporters and make them look bad.

We also have it on good authority that the FBI was responsible for recruiting various military members to infiltrate the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers before the protests took place. They were certainly pulling out all of the stops, weren’t they? Former Green Beret Jeremy Brown was one of these recruits and he has spoken out about the horrific treatment that these groups were subjected to.

He’s now trying to raise money on GiveSendGo because he is in a very tough predicament so be sure to send him a few dollars if you are able. If you can’t, take a moment to pass it along and spread awareness. Now, we have obtained a whole new bombshell. Ty Clevenger made a FOIA request to the FBI and the FBI was blowing him off. They essentially told him that he would have to wait decades until he received all of the documents that he requested.

He has since been contacted by the National Security Agency. They are promising to provide Clevenger with the records that are related to FBI spying. Lawflog has more:

“Buckle up, kids. The National Security Agency has agreed to produce records about the FBI’s illegal snooping on 16,000 Americans, according to a letter that I received from the NSA this afternoon, and that suggests a political fight between the two agencies.”

This disconnect has caused Clevenger to believe that there is some static that exists between the NSA and the FBI. Now that the NSA has confirmed many of our worst suspicions, it is time to find out which Americans have been set up by their own government. We cannot wait until justice is served on behalf of all those who are being demonized over the January 6th protests.