Biden’s Science Deniers Double Down on Mask Mandates Despite CDC Guidelines

Blue states cannot shut up about their willingness to follow the science. We all knew that was not going to last much longer, though. Science is now saying that it is time for the restrictions to be relaxed but these same blue states are claiming that they are not ready yet. It’s hilarious to watch the contradiction play out in real time, too.

Chris Keating shares the latest word from Governor Murphy. “Keep the mask on indoors in NJ. Gov. Murphy saying he first wants 70% of the pop. vaccinated. Murphy on stores and restaurants: “We can’t put the burden on the guy or gal working there to try to be the arbiter of who’s vaccinated or not,” he tweeted. 70 percent seems a bit ambitious to us, quite frankly.

No state has been able to vaccinate that many of their citizens yet. If Murphy wants to reach full vaccination, this is a long way off, too. New Jersey is sitting at 43% right now, with 55% having received their first doses. It is only going to get harder and harder for states to pump up their numbers in the meantime, as well.

Let’s face the facts here. Most of the people who were eager to get their shot have already received at least the first dose. The numbers are about to plateau, as states look to encourage the holdouts to get their shots. In other words, New Jersey residents are going to be waiting quite some time for the mandates to be lifted as far as masks are concerned.

“We will certainly, as we always do, take the CDC guidance seriously and work with that guidance and continue to open our state up,” said Murphy, just 17 days ago. He must have made the wrongful assumption that the CDC was going to take a few more months before they decided to start to give the green light. Murphy had to be caught off guard by this latest announcement.

Murphy took to Twitter to elaborate on his reasoning. “One thing is abundantly clear: fully vaccinated people are much safer to engage in everyday life than unvaccinated people. This is even more reason for every eligible New Jerseyan to make the decision to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” he began.

“We also agree with @CDCgov that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks at small private gatherings, such as at their homes with family and friends. And we agree that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks outdoors. We’ll still strongly urge unvaccinated people to wear them in crowded settings if they can’t social distance, and businesses do still have the right to insist on stricter mask policies,” Murphy continued.

At least he is trying to provide some small measure of hope for those who have already been vaccinated. After all, it is awfully hard to convince someone to get their shots if they are being told that they are not going to be able to loosen any of the restrictions that they have been living under.

“Dr. Fauci himself said yesterday that he thinks lifting indoor mask mandates at this time could lead to a rise in infections. So we’re not going to let up for the next few weeks as we keep pushing forward on our statewide vaccination goals,” said Murphy. This is where he is not wrong. Dr. Fauci is not going to say that he favors indoor mask mandates but he definitely wants businesses to have the freedom to choice.

You can check out the Twitter thread in its entirety, as it provides more context into Governor Murphy’s point of view. He’s spooked at the moment and to be fair, we can see why. New Jersey’s case curve is not as promising as it is in other states. He is likely worried that his state will end up back in the thick of things if he relaxes the restrictions too quickly. Maybe if the CDC was more trustworthy, he wouldn’t have to think on this so hard.