Biden’s Secret Police Laced with Corruption as Bribes are Taken

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Joe Biden has worked hard to develop a police force that he can use for his plans. He tried to empower the FBI with the ability to target parents willing to intervene on behalf of their kids in what they were being taught in schools. He has empowered the Department of Justice to have a liberal approach to matters involving his family.

The sad reality plaguing Americans today is that the president is not concerned for the people. He is more concerned with making a name for himself and promoting his socialist agenda. His poisonous agenda is spread by the liberals working to promote anti-American ideology designed to destroy the country.

Biden’s lack of attention and favoritism towards corruption has led some within the Secret Service to engage in criminal (and questionable) activities. Two members of the president’s security are participating in a bribery scheme aimed at government officials.

One of them was part of Jill Biden’s details, and the other one was supposed to have been protecting Joe Biden. The corruption of government officials does not fall too far from Biden. Everywhere the man walks, illegal activity is close behind him.

Biden and his son are being watched very closely by the Republican Party because of past accusations that Hunter Biden used his father’s position as vice president under Barack Obama to get ahead in the financial world. The president’s name is linked in several documents that show the old man was very much involved. But the Democrats are shielding him from investigations.

The department released a statement, “All personnel involved in this matter are on administrative leave and are restricted from accessing Secret Service facilities, equipment, and systems. The Secret Services prides themselves on the work that they are tasked to do. Any illegal activity involving officers is severely looked down on. The Secret Service adheres to the highest levels of professional standards and conduct and will remain inactive in coordination with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.”

The two involved in the bribery scheme were known to work with Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali. These two other men were trying to access weapons and other items that only law enforcement could use. An affidavit filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia stated that the gifts included “rent-free apartments (with a total yearly rent of over $40,000 per apartment), iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat-screen television, a case for storing an assault rifle, a generator, and law enforcement paraphernalia.”

Those involved in the bribery scheme have been arrested. But Joe Biden has kept his mouth shut. He refuses to condemn the efforts of the four people involved. He is content to sit back and watch what happens, as he always does.

The Secret Service is an organization that prides itself on being a trustworthy organization willing to do what it takes to protect government officials from coming under attack by those seeking to kill or harm them. For any of them to be involved in arming people with weapons and accepting bribes calls into question the integrity and reliability of the entire organization.

But when a president sits in office sympathetic to corruption, there will be those who will begin to think that criminal behavior is acceptable. For any officer to accept a bribe and act on it only shows how the country would look if Joe Biden were able to convert the nation into a socialist platform.

The liberals in America hate law enforcement because it is the sole force keeping them all accountable to the law. The Democratic Party is full of people that act just like these officers. They are willing to engage in illegal activity if they do not get caught. And if they do happen to get caught, they are quick to excuse their behavior and work at placing the blame on others.