Biden’s Taliban Friends! Taliban Hang US Collaborator Using Helicopters Biden Left Behind (Video)

The Taliban is getting bolder by the day. They are openly taunting the United States and they do not care who knows it. This is what happens when Joe Biden is given the chance to call the shots. It is only a matter of time before our enemies start to feel like they can do whatever they want. He’s created that environment.

The Islamic terrorists are now hanging traitors from helicopters, in plain view. “It’s an absolute s—fest to see the Taliban now actually flying US BlackHawk helicopters, hanging people by the throat from them!! The American President will never be forgiven for this!!” tweeted one dismayed veteran. Earlier, the Taliban was filmed flying their brand new US Blackhawk helicopters.

Kandahar residents must be thrilled to see the Taliban enjoying all of the toys that they have been provided by Biden’s military. This man’s withdrawal plans were so haphazard, he did not care one bit about all of the artillery that was left behind. Anyone who thought that Biden could avoid these types of disasters was kidding themselves, severely.

Biden stole an election and now he is stealing everything else that we hold dear. Trump never would have been treated this way by the Taliban. There was a respect there that Biden will never have. They view him at a patsy that they can stomp on at their leisure. He’s quite the doormat and it shows in how they have conducted themselves.

The drop-dead date to leave Afghanistan has arrived and we are no closer to an actual resolution than we were before. The August 31 date was never going to happen in earnest but we expected a lot more progress than we have gotten. At this point, we are sure that this is going to drag on for quite some time.

Biden has not set anyone up for success over there and this is the most predictable thing that could have ever happened. The people who were so worried about how Trump made us look to the rest of the world do not have much to say right now. The Taliban is having some serious laughs. They are right in our faces, cackling up a storm and no one is doing a single thing about it.

At this point, we are even starting to get a little annoyed with the GOP. Sure, there wasn’t much that they could do about Biden stealing an election but they are sitting back and allowing this spectacle to unfold. Maybe they feel powerless after the election was swiped in plain sight. It’s easy to see why they would feel that way.

It’s not like they are able to make any decisions right now without the Democrats racing to control the court of public opinion. If anything, they are focusing on figuring out how to keep the next election from being stolen from them in the exact same way as before. Perhaps this next four years is a write-off and they will figure out how to undo the damages that are being done once they have control of the White House again.

In a way, this reminds us of the Democrat strategy when Trump was in office. They knew that they could not present a real roadblock for him, so they settled for stealing an election. From there, it was easy enough for them to undo all of the advances that Trump made. Why bother to come up with good ideas and be collaborative when you can just do this?

What gets us the most is that Biden is doing all of this in plain sight. We have to watch these scenes unfold on a daily basis and it is sad. It’s sad to have a president who does not care, it’s sad to have a country full of far leftists that do not care, it’s sad to watch all of Biden’s toadies act like they do not care either. All we can do is keep the faith!