Biden’s Utopia! Portland Crime Victims Waiting Forever on 911-Response

In most instances, the average wait time for a 911 call should be somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds. In Portland, this average continues to rise. Wait times are starting to reach a full minute. Sadly, this city is filled with unlucky residents who are being forced to wait for an even longer period of time. These statistics are sobering:”

“The bureau tracks average 911 call answer times by month to gauge its track record. The data shows an average hold time of a minute. But it also shows a dramatic increase of 911 calls on hold for two minutes or longer starting in late spring and summer.

Another striking jump of calls on hold for more than five minutes occurred in May and July, according to bureau figures released to the newsroom.

Compared to March, when only eight 911 calls took more than five minutes to answer, that number increased to 221 in May and more than doubled to 574 in July.”

In July alone, there were hundreds of calls that took multiple minutes. 2 to 5 minutes may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but when you have a loved ones whose life is in serious jeopardy? It’s an eternity. So why is this happening, exactly?

There are a few reasons that need to be discussed here. For starters, crime is up. The number of 911 calls has risen sharply, as crime continues to increase. To make matters even worse, the Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications is horribly understaffed at the moment. A staff that is supposed to contain 128 dispatchers is now down to 106.

The stories that we are seeing are disconcerting, to say the least:

“[Dept. Director Bob] Cozzie said more than a dozen employees have retired, taken leaves of absence, been promoted or resigned over the past six months.

Current staff also are still in training on new medical and fire triage protocols that are intended to cut down on the number of fire trucks sent to low-level medical calls, he said.

“We’re at a tipping point now. It’s become unmanageable,” he said. “The system is broken.”

Non-emergency calls are also handled by the same dispatchers. These waiting times have gotten much longer as well. The Oregonian reports that they spoke with one resident who was stuck on the line waiting for 15 minutes, as a burglar was trying their best to break into their vehicle.

Portland has also lost a number of police officers and they are struggling to fill those positions. This is not discussed by the Oregonian but it should have been. The constant protests and calls to defund the police have a lot to do with that. This is not something that the progressives want to hear, though, so the mainstream media is more than willing to gloss over it.

How else can you explain this sudden rise in crime in this city? The article should have been exploring those connections but they could not. Let’s be honest, we all know the audience in Oregon is not going to go along with any of this. They will fight tooth and nail and claim that the police are perfectly happy with the current state of affairs.

This is what happens when a multitude of problems are not taken care of. Eventually, they are all going to compound on one another and now Oregon has an absolute mess on their hands. Portland needs to get it together and quickly. They have no choice. The future of the city is at stake.

Their leaders have allowed this to happen because they are more focused on messaging to the liberals. Did you guys know that they do not approve of the Texas policies that have been put into place? This is very important stuff. Meanwhile, their residents are not able to get a 911 dispatcher on the line to save their lives….literally.