Big Tech Will Pay Big Fines for Censorship

Big tech and big money seem to have been handed a lot of power by the Democratic Party in recent months. Their ability to censor and harass people just to get them to be silent about issues is lopsided and terrorizing. Twitter and other large social media platforms have taken up the art of censorship to keep conservative voters from communicating truth to people worldwide.

Donald Trump and many within his administration were the first to be targeted in the latest liberal purge happening all over the digital world. Even Mike Kindell has been kicked off platforms for his support of conservative values.

The all-out assault on freedom in America has begun under the support of an illegitimate president.

While Donald Trump was in office, big tech and money could not make a bold move like they did shortly after departing from office. They knew that they would have been prosecuted in court for the way they stopped free speech for millions of people.

The next page in the story is that big tech will stop at nothing to keep people and now businesses from stating conservative things. The federal government is not going to do a thing about it, so it will be up to the governors to stop their illegal deeds.

Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida is leading the fight to put a stop to the unconstitutional actions by monopolies.

He has stated that if the candidate is censored or banned during an election from voicing their opinions, the social media provider will face a $100,000 fine per day until the banned account is reactivated.

One media source stated that “If the companies violate the new rules, the legislation would allow users to more easily sue the companies, as well as empower Attorney General Ashley Moody to seek action against them under the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Practices law.”

DeSantis has the right approach to dealing with these massive companies. The billion-dollar giants will soon face fines of extraordinary amounts. And they will find themselves at the end of a lawsuit from account holders.

The report also stated that “In addition, the bill would target Big Tech’s influence on elections. Companies that remove a candidate for office from their platform would receive $100,000 fines each day until the candidate’s access is restored.”

DeSantis pointed out that he is sending a clear message to the liberal biased platforms that they need to keep their socialist noses out of the elections. The powerful governor has significant support from key players within the state of Florida.

And it is expected to start a chain reaction into other states that are sick and tired of being harassed by big tech and money.

Many voters would not have voted for Biden had they known how corrupt his son had become. That is one reason why liberal big tech killed the story from being shared on social media. It was the last attempt by concerned citizens to get a story out covered up by liberal media.

The Biden family has made their wealth preying off of international sources. Joe Biden is not against using his influence to force leaders to bow to his wishes. He acts like a tyrant king forcing smaller territories to pay tribute to his cause.

The illegal activity that Joe Biden and his family were doing with international bodies stemmed from his time as a vice president. Obama turned a willing blind eye to Biden’s deeds.

DeSantis has come out and stated in response to pushback that “You’re trying to tell me if there was hacked information that could damage me, you wouldn’t print it. You can whiz on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining.”

Surprisingly, there is not one person asking the larger question of how these companies stand to benefit by being so hateful towards millions of people who use their services every day. That answer is seen in the fact that they eliminate the competition by putting them out of business.

After all, Parler paid the price when they were pushed out by liberal platforms that no longer wanted to service their company because of the Trump supporters that moved over to them.