Black Hawk Helicopters Return to Secure the Border

The Black Hawk helicopter has been an important tool for the United States. It can be used in just about any situation with amazing results. For years border agents have struggled to protect Americans from illegals flooding the border. They have struggled in helping migrants trapped or in need. But now the ability to effectively help then is once again returning to the border.

The dangerous Democrats have been very vocal about their hatred for border agents and the job that they are called on to do. They refuse to believe that the agents are compassionate and desire to help people coming to the border. They refuse to believe that aid is given to those in need and food is provided without asking for anything in return. So they have tried to strip away the tools that the agents use to help people.

The Black Hawk helicopter is vital to the security of the United States. They are vital to providing aid to people in desperate need of it. The helicopter is being deployed to the El Paso, Texas area. They have one of the largest areas to patrol. It even has the roughest territory to cover. The ability to patrol the area just got a lot easier.

Along the border last year, it was discovered that nearly 4,000 people were rescued using the Black Hawk. Agents in El Paso are delighted to see that they can now use this tool to help people in need once again. The demise of the helicopter came in 2008 when a smaller vehicle was set to be used. This would prove to be a vital mistake.

Over the years to the new option in 2008 was more expensive and less reliable. The Black Hawk was better and has been proven to be 30 percent faster than the newer model. Facts show that it can stay in the air twice as long which is vital when tracking criminals and drug lords.

The Democrats may not like the fact that border agents are getting their tools back. But they certainly do not complain when one of them rescues them or provides security for one of their events. The agents of El Paso have stated that the Black Hawk will be used in New Mexico and Oklahoma. These are areas that are in desperate need of better vehicles so the job can be done of protecting people and the border.

Border agents are going to be trained on how to fly and use the equipment that comes with it. One agent stated that “It’s not just a law enforcement role that we use this aircraft in, it’s a humanitarian relief also. We do have EMTs on board this aircraft where we get significant aliens that are injured and dehydrated in the field. We can get medical supplies in and out.” They have shown that the helicopter will be used in wide capacity.

The border areas are a war zone. The stupid Democrats may not want to admit their error of believing they are, but facts show that the border is hostile. Black Hawks are perfect for combat and tracking down the enemy. Fernando Garcia has a different opinion as he believes that the decision is overkill. He stated that “They are very noisy, by the way, and they are very large — but the sensation that you are at war, that this is a war zone is becoming more and more evident and obvious and I still pose the question again all of that is needed for what?”…The U.S. and Mexico border — it is becoming one of the most militarized borders in the world.”

What he has failed to understand is that warlords patrol the other side of the border looking for ways to get in. So, the border is a combat zone whether he likes it or not. People that live in a war zone will be quick to believe that it is peaceful. But the killings and crime waves tell another story. The truth is that the border needs better ways to secure it and there is nothing better for it than a Black Hawk helicopter.