Black Voters are Speaking Out Against Biden…and They’re Getting LOUD

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If you listen to Biden and the rest of the Democrats, the voting laws that require a photo ID are racist. Too many Black people can’t have their votes heard because they don’t have photo IDs. They aren’t able to exercise their rights as Americans. Therefore, all of the voting reforms being passed by Republicans are racist because we’re asking people to prove their identity before letting them vote.

The reality is that the Dems have chosen an issue that divides the country. This is not a big issue affecting millions of people. IDs are requested for so much – if there are so many people without IDs, which should be the top priority for the Dems – not eliminating the need to show photo ID to vote in elections.

Now, more and more Black people are speaking out against Biden. They’re tired of hearing him bring up such racist issues. Perhaps he forgot that the Black people of South Carolina and other parts of the south are responsible for helping him to win. They managed to find their photo IDs in order to cast their votes, too.

They may have voted for Biden, but they’re sorry they did. They have a lot to say about the Biden administration, and none of it is good.

As more and more Black voters ban together, they’re getting louder and louder.

Recent polls have shown that Biden’s approval rating is dropping among all voters. Somewhere around 70 percent of voters believe that the country, under Biden’s leadership, is heading in the wrong direction.

If we look at Black voters specifically, only six out of 10 Black Americans approve according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Poll. This is quite a significant drop from the nine out of 10 that were approving of him within the first six months of his presidency.

George Hart, a professor and advisor for the student chapter of NAACP at Benedict College has said, “I’m perplexed. At some points, I’m angry. I’m trying to see if there is anything redeeming. I’m just so disillusioned, I don’t know what to say.”

That’s how Hart feels about Biden as president at this point.

Many feel the same way – angry and disillusioned.

Many point back to Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” which started in 1964. From then until 2014, the U.S. has spent over $22 trillion to fix poverty. It’s as if the Dems don’t understand that self-sufficiency is critical. Welfare is only a way to discourage work and penalize marriage. It’s not the way to dig oneself out of poverty, which is why we have generational Welfare all across the country.

It’s not just poverty that is plaguing the nation and upsetting Black Americans. It is black-on-black murder – and it seems that liberal cities are dealing with the biggest crime spikes.

There’s also the radical leftism, and that’s where Hart is concerned. “He let so much happen from the time he became president to the time that he actually introduced the measure, it was lost. And we are the ones, African Americans, Black voters, who are going to pay the penalties.”

If there’s anyone familiar with the issues, it would be Hart. Notice he’s not talking about voter reforms or photo IDs? Nope. He’s talking about real issues that are plaguing the country – and yet, Biden doesn’t seem concerned by the real issues.

More and more Black voters who voted for Biden are turning their backs. These individuals are speaking on podcasts, writing articles, and getting involved in any way that they can.

Ra Shad Frazier-Gaines, the co-founder of nonprofit Amplify Action, was quick to point out that Black people are why Joe Biden is even president.

Travis Lincoln, one who attended Biden’s first SC rally, pointed out that Biden said that he’d support Black issues and he’s yet to do that.

If Biden wants to turn his approval rating around, he has to pay attention to the issues – the real issues.