Blame Game: China Now Blaming Italy for the Virus

There just is no end to the lies that China is spouting right now. They have tried to blame the United States for the coronavirus trouble and now it seems that they have Italy in their sights.

Their desire to sow seeds of distrust and disinformation is only going to make others hate them as a nation. Their social media is claiming that the virus has origins in Italy instead of China. They have changed their story because blaming America was not working.

At first, they tried to say that the United States military brought the virus to the Wuhan region. They also placed part of the blame on the Centers for Disease Control.

They made claims that it was brought over to infect the people of China. When their claims of infection were met with the truth they shifted their story and blame to the Italian people.

The state-run media in China is using vague language to drum up thoughts that maybe the virus did start in Italy. They claimed that Italian doctors reported a strange infection was passing around to people, and they “remember having seen very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people in December and even November.”

The way the Chinese report is “This means that the virus was circulating, at least in Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China.”

So they see a few normal cases of pneumonia and develop this fake news story with the hopes of passing blame to other people.  China puts mysterious language and wording to a story and then hashtags it with an expert making false claims and thinks it will pass off as truth.

They are programming their people to believe that the virus came from someone else. As if they are prepping their people for war.

Hitler programmed his people with constant rhetoric and state-sanctioned propaganda. China is doing the same thing with their people. They want them to hate the nations of the west.

Laura Rosenberger, who is the director of the Washington-based Alliance for Securing Democracy stated, “Chinese diplomats going full Russian — spread multiple, conflicting conspiracy theories, not to convince people of an explanation but to create the idea that it’s impossible to know the truth.”

China may have another hidden agenda behind what they are doing. Rosenberger went on to speculate that, “First time I’ve seen CCP pursue that approach, and an ominous sign of where it might go.”

China is afraid of their image. Their image to the rest of the world is that they started a pandemic and tried to cover it all up. And now like good ignorant Democrats they do not want to face the consequences of their failures.

The truth about Italy and its infection rate is that over 100,000 people in northern Italy are Chinese. These people are from Wuhan. They fly in to work in Chinese factories regularly. And as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated, “None of us, at least I didn’t know that there were 100,000 Chinese [people] living in northern Italy and that many of them come from Wuhan and that there was a flight between Milan and Wuhan.”

That pathway is how he suspects the virus got to Italy so fast. He stated “We think that’s how the virus got Italy early. Initially, the government didn’t realize how dangerous it was going to be. It dealt with it initially as sort of a small town, local regional problem, and then boom, it exploded.”

The truth speaks for itself. China is lying and the rest of the world is telling the truth. President Trump has taken to the airways to point out that it started in China. The Chinese government is not going to get away with trying to push the blame off on other people.

What needs to happen is for all the countries to work together to help their neighbors make it through the worst. China needs to stop playing games and get to work helping people, so they can help them in return.