Bloomberg Doesn’t Know Where Norfolk Is

As with anyone who enters a presidential race this late in the game, we have to wonder how well they will actually do. And for tech billionaire and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, that is exceptionally true.

I mean, what in the world does he have that the other ten plus candidates don’t?

He is noted to be the possible “great moderate hope” of the Democrat Party, but doesn’t Biden already hold that nametag? “Slow Joe” is just about the most moderate of the bunch and, naturally, as a former vice president, has much more name credibility and clout.

Maybe it’s his wealth that is the key, after all, this means there is unlikely to be any kind of extra taxes placed on the top one percent, right? Or is it that he is known to be the grouch of politics? At least that way, we won’t have him spouting romantic, whimsical ideas to the masses.

And he’s a tech billionaire, so it must mean he’s smart, right?

Well, if the kickoff to his campaign error says anything, it’s that he’s not smart enough.

Bloomberg has had the fantastic idea to start his campaign in Norfolk, Virginia, an area of the purplish state that is pretty much red at the moment. His hope, according to his most prominent campaign line, is “with the right candidate – we can turn areas from red to blue.”

However, he kind of misplaced where Norfolk actually is.

He wrote, “I’m kicking off my presidential campaign today in Norfolk because southwestern Virginia proves that – with the right candidate – we can turn areas from red to blue.”

The only problem is that Norfolk clearly isn’t in southwest Virginia, as Ben Jacobs of the Jewish Insider reminded him.

As you can see, by doing even the simplest of Google searches, Norfolk is about as far from southwest as you can get in that state.

Eventually, someone must have edited his tweet in the right direction because it was changed shortly afterward. And he did make a note to say the correct direction when speaking in the southeastern town of Norfolk, according to Breitbart.

However, we aren’t sure just how many people he was able to impress there. Just a thought, before you say anything about any specific area, or make any tweet for that matter, do your homework first. There is nothing worse than proving to the masses that you, in fact, have no idea what you are talking about. And in many places referencing an entirely different area could actually offend the inhabitants who are so proud to call that place home.

So what does Bloomberg actually bring to the table beside his money and grouchiness?

Well, as it turns out, not much.

He is a strong proponent of climate change, which many Democrats favor. But nearly all the other candidates advocate for this as well.

He wants to take your guns… just maybe not quite as much as Beto O’Rourke did. Again, nothing new.

In fact, nearly every idea he has mentioned is almost exactly like at least five of the other candidates. And it’s not as though his sunny disposition is going to draw in the crowds. At least some of his competitors can actually smile and be pleasant.

The only thing left, which we have noted before, must be his money. And to be sure he does have a lot of it. It has been said that he has already spent a whopping $37 million on ads for his campaigns. Actually, it’s just one ad campaign, according to ABC News.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if he has that much money, then he most likely bought his way into the race. That’s why we can’t figure out why he’s here or who would endorse him. But he’s here nonetheless.

However, with an already crowded Democratic field and candidates that have already proven their tenacity to win, it doesn’t seem like his money will be enough to take him as far as he wants to go, even if he smiles.