Bloomberg Staff Sabotage the Billionaire in Favor of Sanders

The secret is out that the Democrat Party is collapsing in on itself. The fracture is showing up in the remaining campaigns as things heat the closer the election gets. Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden and old man Bernie Sanders are at each other throats.

They just can’t help themselves as they beat up and bite each other as they fight their way to the top of the circus ladder. The funny part is what happens behind the scenes as the campaign workers of Michael Bloomberg socialistically use his money to campaign for Bernie Sanders.

The staff of Bloomberg’s campaign took it upon themselves to campaign for Bernie Sanders. Bloomberg thought they were working for him, but they were working for the competition and being paid to do it.

Michael Bloomberg has failed in his attempt to steal the nomination away from the two other clowns. Bloomberg has shown his hatred for the elderly and his contempt for a rural worker. These are the things that have been his undoing.

His staff knew that the trail had ended long before Bloomberg did. Voters were angry at them and other candidates were attacking in force. So the staff took it upon themselves to jump ship and secretly join up with another circus clown.

One staff person stated that “Most people knew this was a grift,” one campaign official noted, according to Klippenstein’s report. “At our first office meeting, my [director] said, ‘We don’t need to canvass. We can just make calls, right guys?’ And everyone was like, ‘Yeah, that’s sensible.’”

Like it was going to matter any longer. The heart was gone from the campaign trail long before it ever got started. Many of the staffers were tired of the abuse that they received from Bloomberg. So, they attacked him from the inside out. Bloomberg is a heartless thug that wants to treat everyone like trash and kill the elderly. One staffer would go say behind the scenes that “I would actively canvass for Bernie when I was supposed to be canvassing for Mike. I know of at least one team of ‘volunteers’ that was entirely fabricated by the organizers who had to hit their goals.”

Bloomberg got what was coming to him. A staff that was using his money to campaign for his competition. It is the ultimate irony found deep within the Democratic Party. They are a party of non-supporters. They verbally tell a person that they support them, but in the end, deny everything that they stated.

The staff even stated that they fudged the numbers as to the number of hours that his volunteers were putting in for him on the streets. One would admit that “It was easy enough to fudge the data to make it look like real people put in real volunteer work when in reality Mike was getting nothing out of it.” All the data that he was looking at was fake. Just like his promises that he made to the nation. In the end, no one cared about bumbling Bloomberg.

It is a sad comedy. Bloomberg got what he had coming to him in the end. He was taught a lesson about how to treat people. He just cannot go around and treat employees and voters like scum and expect them to support him. Michael Bloomberg would lose big and would end up dropping out of the race. The Democratic voter base would rather vote for a criminal like Biden than a liar like Bloomberg.

After spending millions of dollars to simply loose, Bloomberg finally took the hint that he is just not American material. It may never be clear how much of the money went towards Sander’s campaign. But the staff of Bloomberg has sabotaged the billionaire. Bloomberg just isn’t as smart as he makes people believe. He couldn’t even see his betrayal blooming in the distance.

The failure of Bloomberg is a highlight for President Trump as he would say “The biggest loser tonight, by far, is Mini Mike Bloomberg. His ‘political’ consultants took him for a ride. $700 million washed down the drain, and he got nothing for it but the nickname Mini Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation. Way to go Mike!” The loser has crawled back under the rock from where he had come.