Bombshell: China Admits They Lied

China is a great picture of how the Democrats behave in life. They will only admit the truth when they are caught lying about things. For months the Chinese have been telling lies about the origin of the coronavirus and how it all started.

They have tried to pass the blame onto other nations. Each time they have been proven wrong. Now it seems that they have been caught lying about the true numbers that they have reported of people infected.

The leaders of China had to come out and admit that they were not giving a true representation of the number of people that test positive and those that test negative. One top health official stated that they will start counting patients that do not have symptoms as they count all the cases.

This is absolute proof that they have been lying to people about the current state of their country. What they had originally posted is that there are 1,541 people that test positive but have no symptoms.

The numbers that China has been providing are lacking those facts. It is important to note the spread and those that are not affected. There can be no true statistics if a country like China lies about the numbers.

There are just people that will have the virus and never know it. They go about their business like nothing is wrong. China has been forced to start being truthful because they have been caught in a massive coverup.

Their health official also stated, “From April 1, we will publish reports, outcomes, and management of asymptomatic people in daily epidemic notifications, and respond to social concerns in a timely manner.”

This admission of guilt is the first time they have admitted their deliberate error. People are just shaking their heads at the number of lies that China has been publishing lately.

The official number of cases in China stopped around 80,000. Since then other nations have gone way beyond that number. Something is just not right about what the world is seeing.

The fake news has to do with the fact that the Chinese expelled all the reporters from America. This ended the news getting out reliably. China is scared, to tell the truth.

There has been a lot of thought that China had been lying for weeks. China has been only reporting people that show symptoms and not a true infection test count. One agency reported that China had failed to record 43,000 positive tests of those that show no symptoms.

No one truly knows how many people are infected in China. There is even some proof that they have stopped reporting on how many people have died from the virus.

Accurate reporting of cases that show no sign of infection is key to helping people know how to help others. The thought is that if those that are infectious are only those that show the signs, then they are the only ones that need to be isolated.

But in those with no signs are spreading it, then everyone must stay inside. It is hard to stop something if no one knows that it is out there.

Dr. Michael Ostehoom is the director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy has stated: “We now know that asymptomatic transmission likely [plays] an important role in spreading this virus.”

One problem that they are facing is finding these people. Unless they are caught and tested, then there is no way to know if they are spreading it around. Many people get the virus and never know that they are sick. This makes it very hard to stop the spread of the virus.

Flare-ups in the count of those infected usually happen from people that have the virus and choose to ignore the CDC’s guidelines. They don’t even know they have it until the damage is already done.

This is one of the major reasons why the president wants people to stay home. They may have it and are spreading it around not realizing the harm they cause to everyone else.