Boom: House Lawsuit for Trump’s Tax Returns is Put on Hold

The thieving Democrats seek things that they do not deserve. They want the power of the Oval Office, and they want documents that have been classified or dubbed secret. Back in 2016, they tried to obtain copies of the president’s tax returns.

The Democrats would try several attempts and paths to get them. But they would be buffed at every turn. The demonic Democrats are losing, and they are grasping at strings to stay in power.

In New York, the Democrats tried to change laws to get his returns. In California, they tried to keep him off the voter’s ballot if he did not turn over copies to the state government. Every single attempt by the Democrats to get the records have failed. And now it looks like round two is about to start for their embarrassment.

The Democrats love the courts. They love them so much that just about every one of their fights ends up in court. So far most of the judges have delivered victories for the president.

One of his victories came at the hands of a federal judge that put the deceptive Democrats quest for the tax returns on hold. The federal court is waiting for the appeals court to finish up other battles over subpoenas. The judge wants to wait for those ruling before making his own.

The House Ways and Means Committee has been stopped by Judge Trevor McFadden. The House Ways and Means Committee has been working for years to manipulate the Treasury into releasing the tax returns. But this time their method of attack has backfired in their faces. They will have to wait until other rulings are made before finding out their fate.

The Democrats are lusting after the president’s personal and business returns. They are simply drooling to know if there is anything in the returns that they can use in their attacks against him.

Even if there was a way for them to get the returns, they would be disappointed because there is nothing to find. McFadden is the blockade to the Democrat’s quest. They see him as the final obstacle to be overcome. But they have to wait.

McFadden is waiting on a decision by the Appeals court to decide is a former White House lawyer named Don McGahn has to testify before Congress for the impeachment process. The fight between Congress the White House is over people and documents that are in dispute.

The Democrats want so much to destroy the president that is willing to do anything. They are willing to drag people into their claws to destroy the president. But President Trump is fighting back and supporting people that want to defy Congress.

President Trump is one person that does not follow other presidents. All the other presidents have handed their tax returns over for examination. But they were never required to do so. President Trump believes that it is none of the wicked Congresses business as to what he makes personally and corporately.

There is even one attempt that has landed in the hands of the Supreme Court. New York Democrats developed an investigation that would force the president to reveal eight years of his returns.

But President Trump fought back and has tied the matter up in court. The state of New York is run by Democrats, so they banded together and faked an investigation into the president’s account firm just to get his returns.

The only way that Congress can order the tax returns is if they have a true legislative reason to ask for them. The Democrats have never been able to produce such a reason. The fact that they had no reason to ask for them led to the refusal to produce the returns.

President Trump’s tax returns are his and are not going to be revealed to the Democrats. All they want to do is attack him and keep him from winning the election later this year. His popularity is strong, and he has become too powerful for them to be able to control.