Boy Missing More Than Two Years Found in Cabinet of Pedophile’s Home

The world of crime is never a place that anyone wants to see young people show up at. But sometimes they do not have a choice. When human trafficking is on the rise and kidnapping of young children continues to happen, children will be at the center of many crimes. This is the case of the young teenager that was taken over two years ago by a sick pedophile seeking to use the child for his sexual exploitation.

There is a lot of nasty things that go through the mind of a pedophile as they seek to harm others for their selfish desires. It has been determined that there is just something that is not put together up in their heads that leads to thinking the way that they do. The man that took the teen has been identified as Lars H. He and his roommate were arrested at their apartment for unspeakable crimes.

The name of the teen is being kept secret for obvious reasons. The poor soul has been put through enough torture and trauma. The heroes of law enforcement raided the apartment looking for child pornography. What they found would defy all expectations. As they searched the apartment for the material they ended up finding the teenager stuffed in a cabinet like some piece of property.

This is where the sick 44-years old pervert expected to the child to live. He was nothing more than a tool to be used at the sick pedophile’s desire. The teenager was reported missing over two years ago. He was stuffed into the cabinet with no hope left in his being. The police that found him were shocked to discover that the child was there. They had intended to only look for pornographic material but found a soul instead.

The police stated that “When the apartment was searched, the officers discovered a minor in the closet. A review showed that this is a 15-year-old boy who has been missing for a long time. There are currently no indications that the boy was held in the apartment against his will.” The boy was being held against his will because he was kept in a cupboard. No child would ever subject themselves to such horrors. The teen was taken two years ago. In that amount of time, his hope of being rescued would have been beaten out of him by the two men.

The problem of kidnapping and human slavery is found all around the world. In the United States, kids are taken from their homes and taken to places around the country and the world to be used as sex toys for people that are demonic within. Border patrols and immigration laws help keep these kinds of crime to a minimum. And they make it harder for the criminals to get away. Sadly this young child was never found except by coincidence. The police found more than they were looking for.

When the child was returned to his mother the mother made the following statement “He held on to me tightly and he began to tremble. He said: ‘Mummy, take me home. I was locked away for two and a half years and I couldn’t get any fresh air.’ We both cried. He took my hand and wouldn’t let go.” These are not the words of a child that wanted to be in that situation. He could not get away any more than he could ever cry out for help.

The two men were arrested and taken to jail. When the 44-year-old freak stood before the judge a warrant was issued for the “serious sexual offense” that was discovered. The man had to issue another warrant to justify the new crimes that were found. He will now spend the rest of his days in prison where he belongs. A child should never have to go through the horrors that this teen has lived through. His family held out hope that someday he would return to them. Their wish and their expectations were fulfilled when the police called them and said the teen was found.