Brazil’s Military is Buying Penile Implants – Don’t Let Biden Hear This

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The military in any country has the ability to spend money on just about anything. However, if the spending starts to stray away from ordinary defense expenditures, the people are going to hear about it.

In Brazil, the military has used some of their money on penile implants. Now, it begs the question as to how these would be used in a war-like situation. And perhaps we don’t really want to know the answer to that.

We do have to ask a few questions, though.

Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has been doing some unusual spending within the military for quite some time. Much of it includes impotence treatments – and the purchase of penile implants was recently approved by the defense ministry for a cost of over half a million pounds.

The army had already spent quite a bit of money on over 35,000 Viagra pills. So, we don’t know how well the Brazilian army can fight, but at least we’re confident that they’ll be able to get an erection when the time comes. That’s not exactly the kind of weapon that they should be wielding, but we’ll let it go.

One leftist congresswoman in Brazil, Vivi Reis, made the comment that “We won’t allow Bolsonaro to turn Brazil into an orgy.” Her tweet helped to spark a significant amount of indignation as well as more than a few smirks.

There’s a long way to go between Viagra pills and a full-blown orgy across the country. However, the leftists in any country tend to blow things out of proportion.

The question is, how is it that the armed forces are explaining such expenses as necessary?

This is when things get to be a bit more exciting.

The military claims that the acquisitions are on the up and up because the Viagra isn’t focused on erections. Instead, it’s to help treat pulmonary hypertension. As for the penile implants, they only bought three, not the 60 that the Brazilian media had reported.

But still…why are three penile implants needed? Exactly what is the purpose of these?

According to one statement, “The army healthcare system is assigned with treating male patients for various types of ailments that might require surgery for the implantation of such prostheses.”

Sure. Fake leg, fake arm, fake penis. Just another day in military healthcare, right?

Bolsonaro defended the purchases to say that it was all necessary to treat the military with their various ailments. “With all due respect, it’s nothing,” he commented in terms of the quantity of Viagra that was being purchased.

Many in the opposing party feel as though these purchases are a slap in the face of Brazilians around the nation. And many plan on letting their fury be known when they can choose their next president in October.

Considering that penile implants and Viagra are being purchased for the military, it’s very possible that Bolsonaro may be packing his bags. And signs point to his replacement being Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a leftist rival who already served two terms as president.

We’ll see if such spending pays off for the Brazilian president or not. Let’s make sure this story stays away from Biden. Otherwise, who knows what we could see the military spending money on – especially as more transgender individuals join the ranks.