Burn! Supreme Court Denies Democrats Access to Secret Russian Files

The nauseating Democrats are still after records that they have been denied access to for the past four years. During those long months, they have all tried to tear down President Trump by insisting that he was involved with illegal activity with Russia and others.

The Democrats have demanded that the White House turn over the testimony of the grand jury that is from Robert Mueller’s special counsel. But the Supreme Court is standing in their way and denying access to documents that they are not allowed to have access to.

All of the justices agreed to listen to the arguments that the Democrats have no business seeing or listening to the documents until the case is finally resolved. They only want those documents so they can use them against the president with the hopes of making him look bad before the November election.

They were able to get a lower court to agree with them to hand over the documents. But the lower courts are liberal and have a problem ruling on political affiliation instead of what is what and wrong.

The Supreme Court will not be able to decide to hear the arguments until long after President Trump wins his second term. This is another victory for the president over the Democrats push to fry him before he can win again.

The clock is ticking, and the Liberals are running out of time. And instead of using that time to work for the country, they are wasting it chasing fake stories they have invented about the president.

They can no longer rationalize what is true and what is fake because they have surrounded themselves with fake news and reports.

They’re are also being delayed in their push to get his tax records. They have been after those documents for the past four years. Every attempt by them to get them has failed miserably.

The Dems are a bunch of miserable clowns. No one wants to be a part of their circus because they will just get hurt or worse, they might get themselves killed. They’re a bunch of naughty children that have power and they don’t know what to do with it.

The Supreme Court may not have to rule on the issue depending on how the election turns out. But regardless of how things turn out, the world will see that the president is innocent and has only been true to his campaign words.

The House Democrats are drooling with hatred as they await their turn to see the documents. Each time they are denied they sound like a pack of crying howler monkeys screaming in pain. Their hatred for the president is the worst it has even been for any sitting president.

The liberal federal appeals court in Washington had stated that all the documents should be turned over to the House because there was not enough evidence to keep them locked up as a secret. They only want the paperwork so they can change a not guilty verdict that has been awarded to the president by the Department of Justice.

The Democrats scream foul play as they see the facts differently. The see the facts through hatred and not a sober mind. If the verdict was guilty, then there would be no push to see the secret documents. They just do not like the fact that they were not able to declare him guilty.

The dumb Democrats have even admitted that they want the documents before the election. They need them so they can redraft new articles of impeachment against President Trump. But they need those papers now. But too bad for them, they will not get what they want fast enough. They will have to wait until the Supreme Court has time to hear their childish complaints against the president.

President Trump is innocent and will be that way through a second term. The Democrats are defeated and there is nothing they can do about it. President Trump is true to his word and will continue to fight for Americans to make the country great again.