BUSTED: AOC Tried to Sabotage Trump’s Rally

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the biggest joke to sit in the House of Representatives. The people of her district deserve so much more than what they are getting out of her. Instead of fighting to get what her district needs to thrive, she is more active in hating the president and trying to keep him from winning later this year.

President Trump has started holding rallies while the Democrats lock themselves in their homes trying to avoid a virus that is making its way out of the country. But the president has seen the facts and is living his reopening policies. It is time to get back to life.

But Ocasio-Cortez hates the fact that the president is holding his rallies again. She is claiming that many young teens reserved seats and then failed to turn up. The purpose was to make it look like no one was there.

AOC has lied once again about the results that were nationally publicized on television as not having one vacant seat in the building. Ocasio-Cortez told everyone that she did not watch the broadcast and simply decided to lie to the American people with things that she made up in her empty head.

AOC alluded that teens created fake accounts and ordered tickets with no intention of showing up. The fact is now that Ocasio-Cortez is drawing attention to the fraud she is promoting through email.

The president is cracking down on Democrats that are fraudulently using email for their advantage. Dirty AOC may have just bought her fans a ticket to prison for committing email fraud.

Mail fraud is serious, and Congress has done the following to keep it under control. They have “In recent years Congress has amended the mail fraud statute twice. In 1988 Congress added section 1346, which states that the term “scheme to defraud” includes a scheme to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services.

In 1994 Congress expanded the use of the mails to include any parcel that is “sent or delivered by a private or commercial interstate carrier.” As a result of these amendments, the mail fraud statute has become a broad act for the prosecution of dishonest and fraudulent activities, as long as those crimes involve the mails or an interstate carrier.”

President Trump runs a clean campaign and Ocasio-Cortez admitted to everyone that she had her minions fraudulently try and sabotage the president’s rally. AOC is acting like a high school girl getting into a fight in the locker-room. She must believe that Washington is high school politics. Each one of the people that used the internet to commit fraud is guilty of the act of fraud.

Even with all the attempts by Democratic minions to sabotage the president the rally succeeded with a full house and record social media views. Sources show that “There were 2.8 million Facebook views, 1.4 million YouTube playbacks That’s 4.2M views, Fox News reported 7.2 million views, and again, this doesn’t include any views from other simulcasts.

Millions more watched on other sources.” People love the fact that the president speaks from the heart and not a screen. They know that President Trump is the real deal and not some puffed-up politician like Joe Biden that must have other people tell him what to say.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is seen in the way they responded to each other. Democrats cry out that only black lives matter, but Republicans rightly declare that all lives matter. They include all people of color and profession. Democrats exclude and racially profile people to attack and kill with their racist agenda.

The rally only motivated Trump supporters and the president to continue to be active in changing America. Every speech that the president gives is better than the one before. He tells the truth and paints a reliable picture of what things are like.

America will only benefit from another four years of President Donald Trump. He has promised to make America great again and he has done exactly what he said he would do for the people of the United States.