California Gov. Volunteers State for Abortion ‘Sanctuary’ if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

Acting and marijuana are the two things most people think of today when you say ‘California.’ If the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade as is being threatened, you can add abortion to that list if Governor Gavin Newsome has his way. In striking contrast to the views of Texas, Gov. Newsome has gone on the offensive to get things set up.

California Future of Abortion Council (CA FAB) put together a list of 40+ abortion industry and advocacy groups. They have, in turn, generated a report containing a list of 45 recommendations to the state legislature if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. These recommendations include a way to pay for travel, accommodations, and the procedure itself for women coming into California from other states that might ban abortion.

A section of the report clearly states, “It is imperative that California take the lead, live up to its proclamation as a ‘Reproductive Freedom State,’ and be ready to serve anyone who seeks abortion services in the state. We are releasing the following Recommendations to Protect, Strengthen, and Expand Abortion Services in California – a list of legislative, executive, and administrative actions for state policymakers to implement in order to meet the needs of people seeking abortions.” This is a list of death for them to be putting out.

California wants to be known as the land for free choice and to make people have unlimited options, even if the options available go against their moral beliefs. This has led to California losing residents left and right. Making a decision like this is likely to alienate their people even further than before. This is happening in states across this nation, and California is leading the way.

The Guttmacher Institute supports abortion and has been tracking these issues closely. Their research indicated that 26 states are looking to ban abortion outright if Roe v. Wade is overturned. This would project that, in California alone, the number of abortions provided would increase from 46,000 to 1.4 million.

State Sen. Toni G. Atkins, California Senate President Pro Tempore was a huge contributor to the CA FAB report and has been vocal about what this would mean for California. In a statement through Planned Parenthood she said, “When I ran clinic services for a women’s health center, I saw countless individuals who needed information, services, and support…Working with the [CA] FAB Council, my colleagues and I will ensure Californians and people from every state can get the reproductive health services they need in a safe and timely way—and that all our rights remain enshrined in law. This is crunch time, but we will not be dragged into the past. California will keep leading for the future.”

States like Texas, on the other hand, are doing the Godly and just thing. They are welcoming those fleeing California. They are happy to welcome them in and support their rights and way of life. Texas is not alone in this journey as 42 sanctuary cities for the unborn have passed ordinances that outlaw abortion within their limits. These cities are sending a message to the left that a heartbeat is a heart to save. These cities are looking to keep America on the righteous side of this debate. For shame on the others who refuse to give the babies rights, too.