California Police Using Drones to Target People

Southern California is looking more like a police state instead of a free state. The Democrats have created a socialist environment that makes it legal for them to act like communists herding a bunch of political criminals rather than a democratic government.

Their decision to allow law enforcement to use drones to spy on people and monitor their movements is borderline illegal and an invasion of privacy.

They plan to use drones to keep an eye on the homeless population and to enforce an already tense lockdown situation. People are used to coming and going as they want to.

And to suddenly be forced to stay home is hard for many people to do because they are sociable people. The police force that is leading the drive is the Chula Vista, Police Force. They have already bought $11,000 worth of drones that are ready to take to the skies.

The number of drones that the police in Chula Vista purchased doubled its size. All the drones have night vision cameras and speakers so the police can speak to people if there is a need to do so. This idea seems to have all the right intentions, but it is an invasion of privacy.

There is nothing to stop them from eavesdropping in on a home just to see what people are saying and doing. The Democrats are just seething at the mouth to find new ways to control people.

Captain Vern Sallee of the police force stated that “We have not traditionally mounted speakers to our drones, but …  if we need to cover a large area to get an announcement out, or if there were a crowd somewhere that we needed to disperse — we could do it without getting police officers involved.”

He makes it sound so innocent. But it still infringes on people’s rights to come and go as they see fit. The drones will simply drop into an area and start policing people out of the area.

The coronavirus is deadly and terrible. But so is locking people up in their own homes. The idea is too slow the spread of the virus, but there needs to be some kind of hope insight for people, or they are going to go liberal crazy. Sallee also stated about the virus that “The outbreak has changed my view of expanding the program as rapidly as I can.”

The drones will monitor the homeless because they want to know if they are getting sick or not. The police have said that they plan on using the drones to communicate the homeless on where they can get help if they need to. Of course, it does come down to the safety of the officers. This all sounds good if people listen to the drones.

The drones could end up being equipped with anti-demonstration devices if people ignore the orders from the police. It is like a page out of the Terminator movies. Sallee stated that “We need to tell them we actually have resources for them — they are vulnerable right now.  It might be impractical or unsafe for our officers to be put into those areas.”

Interestingly enough the drones were made by DJI, which is a Chinese company. They have cornered about 70 percent of the drone market. These are the same people that once warned that the Chinese made drones could be a threat to the security and safety of people everywhere. The Chinese are not just about making money, they are about controlling people. That is what their government is all about.

The drones were initially used for emergencies only. But that all seemed to change with the order to stay inside took place. The police have stated that “With strong support from the community, the Chula Vista Police Department began deploying drones from the rooftop of the Police Department Headquarters to 911 calls and other reports of emergency incidents such as crimes in progress, fires, traffic accidents, and reports of dangerous subjects.” But now it seems that dangerous subjects are the American people.