California Shows No Love to Senator Feinstein As They Urge Her to Resign

It’s always amusing when the liberals turn on one of their own. Dianne Feinstein doesn’t check the boxes that the Democratic Party wants anymore, however. She is the oldest member of the Senate – and she’s white.

The Dems believe that if they can get her to resign, it would allow California Governor Gavin Newsom to fill two seats with minorities. He’s already responsible for filling the seat of Kamala Harris. If Feinstein resigns, it means that he could appoint two female minorities – a Black and a Latino.

Simple. There’s no need to choose. Governor Newsom can simply select one of each instead of having to make any real decision.

Well, that’s if the liberals are able to strong-arm Newsom into doing what they want. He’s got all sorts of promising individuals that he could appoint into the Senate – and that includes himself.

There are a few reasons why the liberals would like to see her gone. Not only do they want to have more diversity in the Senate, but they also question whether Feinstein is fit to be a Senator any longer.

Is Diane Feinstein senile?

The New Yorker Magazine has issued an article that talks about her failing cognitive abilities. At 87-years-old, it’s entirely possible that she is. She’s refused to resign thus far, and she’s made history by being the longest-tenured female to ever serve as Senator.

When you want to talk about career politicians, she’s the epitome of one.

Of course, it’s fine for the Democrats to question Feinstein’s senility while voting in Biden in the same breath.

Erika Smith, an LA Times columnist has gone so far as urging Senator Dianne Feinstein to resign in an article – and it’s all so that a “Black or Latino” Democrat can be pushed into her place.

Feinstein has received a significant amount of backlash recently. There have been accusations of “cognitive decline.” She also gave a hug to her colleague, Senator Lindsey Graham (how dare she, he’s the enemy).

Still, it’s a hard blow when someone from her home state publishes a piece that suggests that she needs to step down so that Newsom can fill not one but two seats.

Erika Smith demands representation in the Senate from minorities. By demanding that Feinstein steps down, it could give Newsom the ability to identify both Senate seats for the state without any kind of vote. That’s giving Newsom a significant amount of power – power that most don’t believe that he should have.

Smith may also realize that there’s already plenty of representation from minorities within the House – unless she’d like to target Maxine Waters to resign, too. The GOP, too, would like to see Waters resign.

It would be perfectly acceptable for Feinstein to stay where she’s at. Her term doesn’t end until 2025. She could simply choose not to run again – and that would allow the people to vote in a Senator in four years.

Feinstein may choose to give the people what they want – at least for once in her career. It’s clear that she’s not interested in taking on the responsibilities that she once did. She’s already planning to step down as the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The California Senator isn’t one to admit defeat. It’s unlikely that she’ll want to resign from her seat entirely – very few ever do.

It’s simply amazing to watch how quickly Democrats will turn on someone. It’s no longer acceptable for a white female to lead the state. Now, California demands representation from Latinos and Blacks alone. White politicians need not apply.

While representing minorities is spectacular, shouldn’t majorities be spoken for, too? Nonsense. That’s complete and utter blasphemy. Shame thee for thinking as such.

Meanwhile, it’s perfectly acceptable to plop the ultimate present in Newsom’s lap: choose the two Senators to represent your state. Sure, that’s not asking for problems.