Call Made to Remove De Blasio from Office “to Save the City and Protect the People”

New York destroyer Bill de Blasio is blasting away at the police department and dismantling sections of it that are there to keep the city safe.

The massive surge in violence corresponds with the decisions de Blasio has made to strip the funding from the police department. His actions have gained so much attention and have caused so much crime to develop that Republican Lee Zeldin is calling for his removal from office immediately.

Zeldin stated that the dysfunctional mayor needed to be fired. He said “Mayor DeBlasio is destroying our great city from the inside out. New York City will not make it through the remainder of his term. He needs to be immediately removed from office to save the city and protect the people who live there.”

At some point, Democratic leadership becomes more of a problem and danger to people. De Blasio has crossed that line as the people of New York are now fearing for their lives every time they venture out into the public.

Mayor de Blasio is losing favoritism in New York City. His policies are earning him a badge of hatred from everyone that lives there. The idea of defunding the police was not a proactive decision, but rather a reactive one.

He based the decision solely on the feelings of the people at the moment instead of what would be good for the church in the long-term scheme of things. He led the City Council to a vote to remove $837 million from law enforcement’s budget.

De Blasio thinks this is a good idea because a few thousand people out of millions are mad at the police. Like a good Democrat, he bases his decisions on the feelings of the moment.

A very dangerous way to lead as feeling changes all of the time. He would fund the police if a vast majority of the people rioted because of the crime. De Blasio is a dangerous man that needs to be stopped and removed from office.

Since the city council voted to defund the police, the crime rate in the city has only gone up. The New York Police Department has stated that the rise in crime was from the release of prisoners from jail before COVID-19 made its way through the country.

And now the mayor wants to reduce the amount of police on the streets after he increased the number of violent offenders and criminals.

An ignorant de Blasio believes that the crime rate increase is because of the court system being bad and the economy driving people to perform criminal acts. Both thoughts have no warrant let alone any proof to back it all up.

The fact that the economy has not restarted is simply because the maniac mayor refuses to open up any businesses. De Blasio stated “This is directly related to coronavirus. This is a very serious situation… As we’re getting into warmer and warmer weather, we’re feeling the effects of people being cooped up for months, the economy hasn’t restarted – we have a real problem here.”

His idea to deal with the rise in crime is to keep the city closed and reduce the number of cops patrolling the city. Facts show that there have been 530 shootings in the city since the beginning of the year.

This is compared to 350 this time last year. Right about the time the mayor released all the prisoners is when things started to get worse. And now that the police are nowhere to be seen, things are going to escalate out of control.

Ray Kelly is a former Police Commissioner for New York City. He has pointed out that “Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Council members seem to believe the NYPD only goes after purse-snatchers and teenagers with fireworks. In reality, police officers have thwarted terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and violent crimes, and saved countless innocent lives.”

Mayor de Blasio must believe that he can shine the Batman light and have a superhero clean up his mess instead of relying on the men and women of the New York Police Department.