Cancel Culture’s Cancellation of Redskins Finally Leads to a New Team Name

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The Redskins had their mascot and their team’s name stripped last year because of the cancel culture. The Washington football team had been the Redskins for years without anyone feeling offended.

There were plenty of reasons to be known as the Redskins, but many thought it was offensive to Native Americans. This, of course, is despite a Native American chief providing the name and giving it a blessing.

So, the NFL team got to be known as a generic “Washington football team” for two seasons. It’s hard to get excited when there’s no real name and no mascot.

They were boring. They were stripped naked and shoved out onto the field. And, as you can imagine, they didn’t play so well while they had no name. It was because they lacked the dignity to play a good game of ball.

It seems that they’re at least getting a new identity. Whether that affects their ability to play better remains unseen.

The team will now be known as the Commanders. It’s a name that can’t possibly be called out as not being “woke” enough, and there’s no reason that people should get offended over it.

“Commander, basically, is Washington D.C.,” explains Joe Theismann, a retired NFL quarterback who helped to get the team to the Super Bowl in 1983.

It is certainly a fitting name. There are countless commanders in Washington, particularly throughout the branches of the military as well as within the Pentagon. And let’s not forget about the president, who is also known as the Commander in Chief.

The team will have a lot to live up to within the name. Plenty of fans will expect them to “command” the game. The sportscasters are sure to have some fun playing with the word as the team takes “command” of the ball at times, too.

In a statement made to Today, the team said, “The new identity embodies the most powerful aspects of Washington’s story by paying tribute to the team’s rich history and championship culture.”

It took a while for the team to get a new identity. They were actually nameless for 18 months. Some of the other names that were thrown in for consideration included Red Hogs, Red Wolves, Defenders, Presidents, Armada, and even leaving it nameless as the Washington Football Team.

Of the names, it seems that Commanders is the one that embodies where they play the most. If they had become the Defenders, one would have to wonder if the team had an acceptable offense. If they were named the Presidents, one would have to wonder which president they were modeling themselves after.

Perhaps Commanders was the safest of the names that were pitched, too.

Code and Theory, a digital creative agency, was hired to help with the rebranding process. They helped to involve the fans, ensuring that everyone could have a say about the team’s final look.

We can’t expect perfection from the NFL team even though they have a new name. Off the field, they’re still dealing with a team owner who has had a bad reputation for two decades. Daniel Snyder didn’t want the name change and he’s been accused countless times of mismanaging the organization.

At least the fans seem to be all for the name change. Now, we’ll see if the liberals can accept the new name since they were the ones responsible for the change in the first place.