China Bans Africans in McDonald’s

The People’s Republic of China, as one of the most densely populated nations on the planet, experiences a vast amount of imports and exports. And Guangzhou, as its third-largest city and one that lies both on a major river and near Hong Kong, has been a crucial trading port for centuries. It is where most of its trade with Africa comes through, and as such, it has a larger than average African population for such a city.

But those large African populations are now experiencing some rather hostile treatment in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, a local McDonald’s in the area even put up a sign stating that “black people” were no longer welcome to enter the premises.

“We’ve just been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant,” the sign read.

The notice also went on to tell its customers that they should “notify the local police for medical isolation.” In the case of what exactly, it didn’t explain.

However, the point was clear. Chinese management didn’t want “black people” in their restaurant. It has been rumored that the African population is to blame for the second and significantly less devastating round of virus cases spreading throughout the province and the Guangzhou area. China’s national health commission reported on Sunday that of the 108 new cases in the nation, all but ten were brought into China from elsewhere.

As a result, China has banned the entrance of all foreigners since March 28. Visas, which are given to Africans on a short term basis for those who frequently travel in and out of the country for business, have been restricted.

Thus, tensions are high. Extremely so even.

It has been reported that bars, restaurants, and even hotels and housing complexes are now barring entrance to anyone looking even the slightest bit African. Things have gotten so bad that the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou has put out advisements to any U.S. citizens or foreign nationals to “avoid the Guangzhou metropolitan area until further notice.”

According to CBS News, “The U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou has warned U.S. citizens of the escalated scrutiny and discrimination of foreign nationals in the regions which include orders by the police for bars and restaurants to not serve people who appear to be of African descent. The xenophobic reaction to COVID-19 also includes some businesses and hotels refusing to do business with African Americans, according to the Consulate.”

They add as a warning, “For anyone with ‘African contacts,’ regardless of whether you have been quarantined or whether you have traveled, local officials are conducting mandatory tests for the novel coronavirus.”

And the warning isn’t without its merits. It has been reported that if you appear to be of African descent, health and law officials will demand to test you on the spot for the virus, whether you display symptoms or not. And regardless of that test result, they still may order to you be quarantined.

The increased discrimination and abuse are leading many Africans who live and often work in China to admit that they have never really felt at home or welcome in the communist nation. For these people, they believe the virus is simply being used as an excuse to finally perpetrate the thinly veiled racism they have felt for years.

Of course, neither McDonald’s nor the Chinese regime is admitting that they agree with these recent acts against “black people.”

The vast fast-food chain immediately put out a statement saying that “this is not representative of our inclusive values,” and that since the situation became known to the company, it has ordered that the notice be removed and that the branch be “temporarily closed.” McDonald’s went on to explain that during this time of closure, it will be “educat(ing) managers and employees on our values, which includes serving all members of the communities in which we operate.”

Likewise, China also responded to the event, stating that “The Chinese government has attached high importance to the health & safety of foreign nationals in China. We treat them equally and reject any discriminatory measures in our outbreak response.”

Of course, the regime also added that rumors of such injustice were obviously an “attempt” by the U.S. “to undermine China-Africa relations.”

Tell me, is that why nations like Ghana and Nigeria have also warned their people that China is meting out “inhumane treatment” on their countrymen?