China on Track to Conquer America Without Firing a Shot…You Need to Be Aware of This

Communist China’s red-beady eyes have forever loomed over the globe, patiently awaiting the fruition of their highly calculated and methodical plans for world dominance. It’s a slow and quiet plan that’s been many decades in the making, and every passing year brings them closer to reaching the reality of their long-sought out goal.

By means of political warfare, within a short fifteen years, the sleeping panda will assume a huge advantage by being able to deploy its massive troop strength within only two days to any and every minuscule spot on the world map. They have, of course, painted a bullseye on the U.S. as their primary target, but only because we allowed them to.

China’s number one goal, way outside of winning trade wars and such, is to own it all, lock, stock, and barrel. Rick Fisher who is one of the leading experts on Communist China and a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center said, “and all I can say watching them for the last 20 years is that they are making steady progress.”

As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

In the 1970s when the so-called normalization of relations started between the U.S. and China, it gave the communists an open line of communication with Congress and the American government as a whole. This is precisely when, unbeknownst to anyone except them, the silent but deadly political warfare began. Since those days of swinging the gate wide, it has only escalated, and it’s going on right beneath our very noses.

Fisher said China’s infiltration of the American marketplace gave them “a phalanx of allies” from which to build new and strong relationships. As of late, many of these relations have faltered as new U.S. policies have abruptly tightened the reigns in light of China’s overreach in the realm of technology theft.

China’s blatant thievery offers them the ability to bankrupt any U.S. technology firm at their own discretion. It’s easy. A little hacking here and there, steal their secrets, produce the same product with additional features for a lesser price, and boom, the U.S. firm dies without ever firing a shot. So yeah. This is a pretty big deal.

Another of China’s silent weapons, which is currently deployed and in use, comes in the form of “pervasive propaganda,” yet another method of political warfare. This unbloody battle sneaks its way into television, the media, and computer networks, big or small. But perhaps the largest number of land mines are planted within the mobile apps a majority of use every day.

Fisher pointed to cyber warfare as also falling under the political warfare tab. Since Chinese giants such as Huawei dominate the component market for computer and telecommunications equipment, the world is their grilled monkey.

This over-abundance of major Chinese companies could simply stop shipping out replacement parts which would slowly bring America to its calloused knees. Or, ponder this thought. They could activate a software program that would destroy every computer chip known to humankind, except for their own. Bam. Done.

There are ulterior motives for these companies to be so heavily involved in 5G networks, as well as for their leading the technological charge for the future development of 6G. But most people are incorrect concerning China’s reasoning behind all of this.

The Chinese government, at least at this point, does not care squat about gathering up anyone’s personal information. Right now that’s meaningless to them. Their purpose according to Fisher is to gain “much greater access to global electronic infrastructure.” The highlights on this list are being able to kill traffic lights and electrical power grids.

It only stands to reason how if China ever reaches the dastardly point they claim to be on target to hit, they could easily cripple the world with the tap of a keyboard’s enter button. It also stands to reason that by their doing this, and naturally knowing when it would happen, they could easily send their massive sweep of troops in to finish the job. Anywhere. Within two days.