China Sticks it to U.S. Navy Ships Over Hong Kong

China has been a communist running nation for many years.  There are many ways the government can make outsiders feel like it is unwelcoming when it comes to tyranny, even to the point of only allowing a family two children and killing baby girls.

The country is well overpopulated, and in some cities, the government is losing control of some cities.  Hong Kong has shown its civil unrest as they want the Chinese government to change and move toward a pro-democracy.

Last week Congress passed legislation in favor of supporting Hong Kong’s call to promoting human rights and democracy.  This week, China retaliated in the same fashion it has over the last few years.  China has suspended US Navy visits to Hong Kong and docking at their ports.

This is not the first time China retaliates in such a manner.  Almost every year for the past three or four years.  Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying stated, “the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act seriously interfered in Hong Kong’s internal affairs and appeared to back up China’s threats the US would bear the cost of the decision.”

The visits would be suspended for all US aircraft and military ships.  The spokeswoman stated, “China would sanction organizations including the National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Human Rights Watch and others that she said had performed badly in the Hong Kong unrest.”

For six straight months nonstop, Hong Kong has been protesting demanding they want democratic elections, and they want the police investigated for lethal force used among the demonstrations.  China is not a country where free speech is welcomed.

Many people take that for granted and all of their freedoms in America.  The snowflakes that live here do not understand how good they have it.  This past weekend, the people were protesting in the streets by the masses and waving American flags in hopes of starting anew in their own freedoms.

According to the Communist Party newspaper Global Times, China is carrying on with necessary trade negotiations with the US.  Most of the articles in the newspaper carry on about how China will not make any deals unless Washington removes the tariffs.  The tariffs, of course, will not ultimately be removed, lessened maybe, but not removed.

Other articles state, “China will buy American farm products, and the amount could be substantial, but it cannot promise a specific number in the deal because the amount must be based on market demands.”  This would be the most significant breakthrough for American farmers in years and would be a substantial victory on President Trump’s part.

Everyone criticized President Trump for how the tariffs hurt the farming industry.  Once the deal is made, the farming and agriculture industry will explode.  China will be buying American products instead of the other way around.

The money will be flowing into our economy, thus bringing down the deficit we owe to China.  It was scary at first, but every businessman takes a risk to obtain the ultimate goal, and no one can do it better than our American president!

This negotiation would still be within “Phase 1” of an agreement, which would be the most significant step to end the 18-month standoff trade war between the two most significant economies in the world.

Wei Jianguo, a former Chinese commerce minister, stated, “Rolling back tariffs is a must. The China-US trade war (was) instigated by the US with tariffs, so the tariffs have to be cut first.”

The newspaper also stated, “China was already addressing issues such as protection of intellectual property, foreign investment regulations and opening of its financial markets independently of the trade talks.”

It was not confirmed by the US, but the Chinese paper also stated from Chinese officials, “The US side had agreed to gradually phase out the tariffs as progress is made on ending the dispute over trade and technology.”

As of last week, the latest confirmation from US officials was both sides were close to closing a deal that would work perfectly in agreement.  Chinese Vice Premier Liu stated he had “invited senior US officials to Beijing for further talks.”  President Trump did confirm the talks were “in their final throes.”

All of this good news may be spoiled as it happened before China rejected the docking of our ships at the ports.  What a world this would be without communism and socialism.  All of this because of the support for human rights.