Chinese Communist Party Deals Yet Another Blow to Biden! WHO Is Buying Ineffective Vaccines From China With the Money Biden Handed to Them

The World Health Organization has started a new program that is designed to help distribute COVID-19 vaccines to needy countries all over the world. The less developed countries of the world have been wondering when they would receive help. Thanks to this program (which is known as COVAX), things seem to be looking up for them.

However, there has been a recent announcement from the World Health Organization that has alarmed members of the Biden administration. COVAX is in the process of purchasing a sizable amount of vaccines from the Chinese, tens of millions of doses, in fact. The White House said that this was not a good idea but that did not stop them from continuing to proceed.

Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines have no shortage of issues but that has not stopped the organization from charging ahead. Plenty of geopolitical forces are also at play here, which cannot be understated. The worst part of all? China plays on charging for the vaccines. Meanwhile, the United States provided 80 million doses for free. Since the World Health Organization is part of the United Nations, it is easy to see what is going on here.

They are going be getting cozy with the Chinese because this is the UN we are talking about. They love to buddy up to the Chinese Communist Party. The Free Beacon has more about this uneasy alliance:

“The World Health Organization is set to buy and distribute more than 100 million doses of China’s coronavirus vaccine, against the Biden administration’s wishes.

The White House notified Congress on Monday that COVAX, the WHO’s vaccine distribution network that primarily aids poorer countries, will buy the Chinese-made vaccine, which is widely seen as less effective than the American versions. COVAX has struggled with a shortfall in available vaccines even as the United States shares millions of doses with the world.

Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinovac and Sinopharm are now in line to sell COVAX millions of doses, according to Bloomberg. The Biden administration warned COVAX against relying on the Chinese-made vaccine, and no U.S. funds will be used by the organization to complete the purchase, congressional sources told the Washington Free Beacon.”

The White House is making a big deal out of this, which should give you a major hint as to how they really feel here. It was easy enough for the Biden administration to ignore this and let China do what they wanted to do. By taking such a public stance, they are letting the world know where they stand. It’s a strategic move, to say the least.

When it comes to the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, there are real concerns about their level of effectiveness. The new mRNA technology that is employed by Pfizer and Moderna is nowhere to be found here. The Chinese are still utilizing the most traditional method possible, weakening live samples of the virus. This is how the desired result is produced in the patient. Their efficacy is much lower than the American-made vaccines, hovering in the mid to low 60 percent range.

The Arabic countries that have been relying on the Chinese vaccines are seeing major bumps in their numbers of cases. This should not be surprising to anyone but the Chinese are still being encouraged to dish out their ineffective vaccines. Biden is also not going to want the Chinese to appear to be so helpful after he has been trying his hardest to show them that they are not in control.

He’s been doing his best to flex his muscles and it’s been interesting to watch. This makes us glad that the United States elected to vaccinate our own first. Those who decided that they are ready to receive their jabs were able to do so and then we elected to help out the rest of the world. The World Health Organization can take the fall when this COVAX plan ends up going badly.