CNN Attempts Tricking Viewers by Omitting President Trumps Good News Concerning Job Growth

In keeping with their steadfast conviction of distorting the truth and willfully leading American citizens down a dangerous path that continually threatens our very democracy, CNN, in their infinite lack of wisdom has done it again.

Their delight in presenting half-truths, if any truth at all, must surely have them dancing on their desks. To make matters far worse, their pathetic snowflake viewers have little interest in hearing, as Paul Harvey once said “the rest of the story,” often referred to as the truth.

President Trump has accomplished things no other President has been able to by taking a tough stance against BS politics. He shoots from the hip, and as patriotic citizens residing under his jurisdiction, this is what we need and want.

This is something we have rarely been privileged to in the past. But the liberal media, including the leader of their rabies-ridden pack, CNN, don’t see things the same way as our duly elected President.

They prefer slanting things to better appeal to their followers, even knowing they are lying through their journalistic teeth. But hey…whatever rings the cash register. Always follow the money.

President Trump issued a very strong statement indicating the return of our economy. His statement was something we have all been holding our breath to hear. and it was the greatest news we’ve heard as of late. Except for CNN viewers. They didn’t hear it. The editors purposely did not report this good news. Oops…

In a briefing attended by various news outlets, Trump had this to say, “We’re bringing our jobs back,” he told the room full of reporters. “We’re gonna be back there. I think we’re actually going to be back there higher next year than ever before.”

Of course, the Republican journalists in attendance were overjoyed and couldn’t wait to get the terrific news out. But the lefty reporters who rely on terrible and disturbing news to excite their readers into near frenzies remained solemn in their seats. This was, in their twisted minds, not a good thing. It was void of the type of hideousness they depend on.

Instead of airing the Presidents remarks as he was saying them in a live press conference for the entire world to bear witness to, CNN broke away from the President of the United States important message, once they saw things leaning too much in a positive direction, to NYs Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press briefing, who just happens to be the brother of their own, Chris Cuomo.

Coincidence? Nah. This prompted a condemning remark out of former CNN pundit Steve Cotes, when he tweeted, “It’s almost as if CNN is rooting AGAINST our economic recovery.” Perhaps they are.

At 11 AM when CNN correspondent John King took over the airways, he played a brief clip of President Trumps’ comments but omitted the good news by breaking away to Dana Bash, the network’s own Chief Political Correspondent.

Bash proceeded to bash every single syllable Trump had said, including the ones they had refused to air, a typical tactic employed by the entirety of liberal media who prefer reshaping the world in their molds, rather than conforming with reality.

Bash, in efforts to cover CNN’s muddy tracks, issued a comment even more ridiculous than their attempts at hiding the truth. “It was a very lengthy statement, he went on and on, he had a teleprompter there, he clearly used it very sparingly. It was a classic Trump moment trying to re-write history.”

CNN has been called out for their blatant abuse of manipulation by many reputable news sources whose preferences lie in reporting the truth. But as is commonplace for this tired network, they have refused to comment. What can they say with their pants down around their ankles?

They were caught in the act and have entirely no recourse of action but to admit their trickery, which they will never do. Their dignity is buried so far below ground, CNN is toasting marshmallows in the very flames of hell.