College Professor Loses Job Over Talk of Iran Attacking US

When are college professors going to learn that they can’t say just anything? One took it too far by talking about Iran attacking the US – and he lost his job over it.

The professor at Babson College, Asheen Phansey, made what he later called a “sloppy joke” on Facebook after advocating that Iran should attack some of the cultural sites in the US. The Massachusetts College caught wind of what the adjunct professor said and sent him packing.

He said that a list of 52 sites should be tweeted by Ayatollah Khomenei of some of the beloved cultural heritage sites, suggesting both the Kardashian residence and the Mall of America.

This was in response to Trump threatening to attack 52 sites across Iran, including cultural centers. This is based on if Iran retaliates over the killing of their general, Qassam Soleimani.

The Democrats were furious over Trump’s suggestion while the Pentagon helped to walk the comments back.

Meanwhile, Phansey has apologized for his humor, explaining that he is opposed to violence and was not advocating it in any way.

The college has also had to go on the defensive, issuing an announcement that the post from the staff member does not represent the culture or the values of the college. They have identified why they chose to fire him, which is based on a thorough investigation that they conducted.

More and more people are getting in trouble for what they comment on social media. What used to be a safe haven for people to share jokes and personal thoughts are no longer so private – especially when it comes to politics and acts of war. Many colleges, including Babson College, have a social media policy in place that would prevent professors from posting such inappropriate comments – and Phansey was in clear violation of that.

Whatever he was thinking, it’s clear that he’s not in agreement with what Trump did. However, the Iranian government has been a threat to the US for far too long. As a retaliation for the bombing of a US embassy at the end of December, Trump took out the Iranian General with a drone strike order. Now, Iran wants to retaliate for that, which will undoubtedly cause a back and forth where lives on both sides are at risk.

What Trump did by threatening to attack 52 sites across Iran was a warning to ensure that there was no further retaliation. To suggest that Iran should make a list of 52 cultural heritage sites was simply uncalled for – and listing various locations where there are celebrities and mass amounts of people is a dangerous suggestion. The Facebook post has been removed so it is not clear as to how it was taken by his followers.

Asheen Phansey was a college professor that students looked up to. College students depend on their professors to guide them, particularly in times when terrorist threats are at a high. When a professor makes inappropriate jokes, it can provide ill guidance to students, allowing them to think that it’s okay to suggest violence.

The college was right to fire the professor for his comments – and it needs to be something that other colleges and employers do in the event that they have an employee make such un-American comments. While the Dems are fine with condoning the actions of Iran instead of supporting Trump, the rest of America stands behind Trump and knows that we have allowed Iran to commit too many acts of terrorism around the world long enough.

This will be a good lesson for all of the students that were in the professor’s class. They can’t express their thoughts without repercussions, especially when it involves talking about a terrorist nation and attacking the United States.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Kardashian residence adds a bit more security while a number of people decide to stop shopping at the Mall of America. After all, Phansey may have given the Iranian government a few ideas on where they should attack in the event that they are ready to step up their game and move their terrorist attacks to US soil.

Making inappropriate jokes about bombing cultural heritage sites isn’t funny – and the sooner that people realize this, the better. It wasn’t funny when George Lopez did it on Instagram and it wasn’t funny when Phansey made his comment on Facebook. It needs to stop once and for all.