Collusion Anyone? Tucker Carlson Reports Kevin McCarthy and Big Techs Frank Luntz Are Roommates

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is used to dropping bombshells and he had one heck of a report to offer up recently. His latest revelation is an absolute doozy. Big Tech fanboys should probably close the page now and spare themselves the embarrassment.

Carlson’s latest revelation? He told the world that GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is renting a room from pollster Frank Luntz! Frank Luntz is a lobbyist who works on behalf for some of the world’s largest corporations. Google and Nike are chief among them. Why would he be given so much influence over the Republican party?

We have so many other questions that have to be answered as well. For starters, a DC apartment can be very expensive. We have seen listings that go as high as $5,000. So the next big question is a simple one: just how much money does McCarthy provide Luntz every month for rent? It may seem like a joke but we are dead serious here.

There is a huge problem that could be at play here. Let’s say that McCarthy is not offering up market value for the space. If this is true, he could be found guilty of violating House ethics rules. “So now you know why the Republican party listens to Frank Luntz and not you,” says Carlson.

These are the lobbyists that are allowed to make our decisions for you and Carlson is trying his best to call them out. Since the rest of the mainstream media does not seem to care, it is time to amplify the voices of those who do. Carlson is one of the few who is willing to place himself at risk.

We cannot wait to see what happens next. Is Luntz or McCarthy going to address this revelation in any meaningful way or will they both continue to pretend that Carlson hasn’t told the world about their “arrangement”? There’s no reason why a GOP member should need to rent a room anywhere in DC.

The taxpayers pay their salaries and no one should have any problem finding their own housing. It’s the sort of thing that only happens when there is something to hide. Carlson is getting closer and closer to the actual truth here. If not for people like him, these are the types of stories that remain buried.

The saddest part of all? The liberals are always talking badly about Tucker Carlson. They go off whatever they see on social media and they have never watched his show. Instead, blind assumptions are made. “Oh, that guy? He’s on Fox News, so there’s no way that he could ever provide me with important news.”

Meanwhile, stories like this one are falling through the cracks because no one seems to know how important they are. Carlson is not breaking these stories because he enjoys them, he is doing this as a public service to our country. It is all well and good to call out all of the liberal nonsense but we cannot turn a blind eye to the corruption in our own party.

If we do that, we are no better than they are. We need to be willing to call all of the corruption out, not just the cases that make us feel good. This is something that Carlson is very good and it is something that he does not often receive credit for. That’s why we are here to make sure that he does.

As they say, you have to give people their flowers while they have the chance to smell them. Now, we eagerly await the fallout of this report. Are either of these men going to have the courage to address the report? If we had to guess, they are going to hope that it gets swept under the rug entirely.

That’s how a lot of political figures are approaching things these days. Since the news seems to be a never-ending cavalcade of letdowns, they hope that people will simply forget. We sure won’t, though!