Why Rep. Wants Congress to Intervene for Kaepernick

Representative Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, is stirring the pot and opening a can of worms that is better left alone.  But one can expect that from a Democrat, right?  Colin Kaepernick is still crying like a baby because nobody wants him to be on their team.

So this Congressman is stepping forward, claiming Kaepernick is the “victim” of the NFL and told TMZ Sports the government will have to intervene for him to play.  There is an old saying that goes along with this scenario, “You made your bed, you lie in it.”  That is precisely what Kaepernick needs to do, and anyone who gets involved with this incident is nothing more than a cry baby alongside with him and can lie in the same bed.

Representative Johnson believes since the NFL put a league-wide ban on Kaepernick, it is shutting him down from exercising “his First Amendment right.”  Now, Johnson wants Congress to do something about it.

He stated, “It’s possible that Congress can do something.  Congress oversees the anti-trust exemption that we gave the NFL. The NFL is doing quite well with that anti-trust exemption, maybe it’s time for us to take a fresh look at it.”

According to TMZ Sports, “The anti-trust exemption is the law President Kennedy signed back in the day, which allows the individual teams to work together as a monopoly to negotiate more lucrative broadcasting deals.”

Breaking down this statement simply means the NFL holds stronger negotiations with united teams rather than negotiating 32 exclusive deals.  Experts say revoking the exemption would cost billions of dollars for the NFL.

Johnson, who also serves on the House Judiciary Committee, continued to say, “Maybe [the NFL feels] a little heat about their anti-trust exemption and the fact that the Judiciary Committee stands ready under the leadership of the chair of the anti-trust subcommittee David Cicilline to perhaps look at that anti-trust exemption.”  The Judiciary Committee is the most powerful tool within Congress.  Coincidence? Nope!

By this statement, Johnson is issuing a threat that the NFL takes very seriously.  He feels the NFL is abusing the system of the anti-trust exemption by not letting Kaepernick play in the league.

The big fuss is to have Congress investigate on whether or not to revoke the exemption.  Everyone feels, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!  But there are always these Democrats who have to stir the pot and cause more trouble in the nation.

Football is one of America’s favorite pastime sports.  Colin Kaepernick made everything political when he decided to take a knee.  Many people, to this day, still feel he is wrong.  Football has always seemed to get people’s minds off of everyday life and the pressures we face in this world.

Since there is always bad news across the country and the world, people who love the sport just wanted to unwind.  Those who believe in a Higher Power would find themselves going to church on a Sunday morning, cooking, visiting, and watching the games.  That is a typical Sunday for the majority of Americans.  Then, one day, we all turn on the TV, and there this idiot is disrespecting the National Anthem.

Mixed feelings came about this stupid move.  On one side of the fence, yes, Kaepernick had the right to do a bonehead thing.  He has every right to his beliefs, and people can respect that.  He just went about it all wrong and disrespectful.  A few veterans feel they fought, and many died so he could have that right.  Fair enough.

We live in a country where majority rules and the majority has spoken.  The majority of veterans and the American people feel this way.  It was disrespectful to take a knee the way he did and bring others down with him.  He was a significant part of the problem and divided our country more than he helped it by trying to prove his point.

The NFL lost billions of dollars, and they have their rights too.  Colin had a job to do, and that was to play football on the field.  The NFL was his boss.  If he would have abided by the rules, he would still have a job.

There were other ways he could have protested that would not have cost the league anything.  Just like when an insubordinate employee costs the company, they get terminated.  Kaepernick got canned, and he “made his bed,” so now let him sleep in it.