Coronavirus Fears Cause Plane to Make an Emergency Landing

The coronavirus seems to have people on edge, and we can all blame the Democrats and the news media for exploiting the situation.  Every flu season, some people die by the thousands in America alone.  Measures have been taken all over the world to contain the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.

Public events, gatherings, sporting events, political rallies, and even churches have changed their way of living out of pure fear.  Early in the week, United Airlines had to divert a cross-country flight due to an uproar of passengers who panicked because of someone’s allergies.

Come on now, allergies??? Yes, we are all afraid to get sick, and no one likes to be sick, but this is getting entirely out of hand!  A medical doctor posted on Twitter after United Airlines landed, “Right now on a @united flight from VAIL to Newark. Got diverted to Denver for “security reasons”… now landed. Rumor is that there was a “coughing passenger” that is being de-planed. This is all rumor. Pilot has not given details. Stay tuned.”

According to KUSA-TV Channel 9 News, “A spokesperson for the airline said a small group of disruptive passengers on flight 1562 failed to follow crew member instructions. After landing safely, the plane was met by law enforcement. The disruptive passengers were removed, and the plane continued on to Newark.”

According to the news outlet, no one was arrested when the disruptive passengers were taken off the plane, but it still leaves people’s lives disrupted.  No one is comfortable around someone with the common cold or any contagious illness, we get that.  But going back to the situation, it was allergies, and no coronavirus was detected.

The media and Democrats have taken steps to scare the American public worse than any terrorist group ever could.  One could even ask the question without repercussion, will there ever be a time we are not afraid to so much as shake another’s hand?

The fear left behind is something we can see will last longer than this epidemic.  Democrats used the media to turn this epidemic into something political and try to pin it against President Trump.  Now every time someone chokes on something or sneezes due to an allergy problem, people are going to panic.  This is ridiculous!

So let’s look at how far this one incident went.  People on board the jet had to be diverted.  There was a thirty-minute delay on the ground, not counting how far the plane had to go before it landed.

With terrorist groups still out there ready to drop a plane for Islam, the people who were on the flight were told the flight was being diverted for “security reasons.”

Imagine the worry and mindset from the passengers, not really knowing what is going on.  We can be sure, more came out of that than the coronavirus.

Since the panic attack was in midflight, now the FBI has to get involved and do a full investigation.  This is wasted time with the FBI on something really minor.  Ah-choo!! Now call the FBI because someone sneezed and people are uncomfortable.

No one was arrested, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.  So if the people who panicked, which we can’t say we blame them, get arrested, they are afraid because the FBI is after them.  There is more fear spread!

If it would be this one incident, it might be different, but it’s not the first time this happens.  Last week Thai Airways was grounded after they were diverted and had to do an emergency landing.  A passenger coughed on a flight attendant.

When the plane landed, everything went into lockdown, and passengers were held on the plane for over seven hours while waiting in Shanghai for everyone on board to receive health screens.

For United Airlines, thank goodness these people did not have to wait as long as the jet caught up in Shanghai.  The point is, people are deathly afraid, and that is causing more problems than the coronavirus.  The fear of the illness is worse than the sickness itself.  All of this is caused by the Democrats and the media.

How far will the Democrats go?  Look around!  Never has there been more of a scare than we have now.  One thing would be for sure if there was no election and Trump automatically would get another four years, the Democrats would come up with a solution real quick to the problem they exploited.