Cotton Has Plan to Maintain Sanity in Prisons

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Biden is so desperate to be liked that he’s letting the liberal way of thinking take over his entire administration. And, he’s making so many bad calls along the way.

One of his latest moves is to allow transgender women into the women’s prison systems. Only, many of the “transgender” individuals have not taken any hormone therapy. They are simply men who have decided they want to be classified as women. It’s a dangerous situation – and women in the prisons are terrified for their safety.

Since it seems as though President Biden is incapable of being reasonable about this, Senator Tom Cotton has decided to step in.

The issues of genders inside of the prison systems have been a problem for a while now. We’ve even reported on it in the past because it is so ridiculous.

Particularly in California, it’s become a real problem. Men are being asked to be transferred into the women’s prisons. Why? Suddenly, they’re deciding that they identify as female, and no one is bothering to even question the motive.

Yes, there are people who identify as the opposite gender. However, those people will also talk about it with others. They’ll spend a few years cross-dressing to get used to it. They’ll undergo hormone therapy. And at some point, they’ll even undergo gender reassignment therapy. By the time all is said and done, a transgender female will look more like a biological female than a biological male.

These are not the individuals we’re talking about, though. We’re talking about men who have no history of discussing their desire to be female with anyone…who has never cross-dressed, and who hasn’t undergone a day of hormone therapy. And yet, because they now say that they identify as female, we’re supposed to take them at their word and allow them into the female prisons.

President Biden sees nothing wrong with this, even as more and more women are being sexually attacked in the prisons by these supposed transgender women.

One Scottish study showed just what’s wrong with allowing such things to happen. They found that many trans prisoners would “switch genders again” once they were released from a women’s prison back into society. Hmmm, so it turns out they weren’t quite as trans as they once thought.

Are Biden and the rest of the administration that naïve to think that male prisoners wouldn’t ask for a switch just so that they could gain access to prey?

Senator Tom Cotton is looking to put an end to the insanity. He’s introduced a bill that would block what Biden is trying to do by allowing such activity to happen. Cotton has said that it’s an “ill-conceived plan.” The Preventing Violence Against Female Prisoners Act would forbid both the state correctional institutes and the Bureau of Prisons from “using gender identity” to house inmates of one gender with inmates of the opposite gender.

Thank goodness we have Cotton looking out for the safety of female prisoners. All Biden wants to do is get a couple of extra likes from the radical left. And if a few (dozen…hundred) female prisoners get raped in the process, so be it.

This is yet another example of how Biden has America’s top priorities completely backward. There may be a handful of legitimate trans criminals who are being placed in the wrong prison. However, most are just making the switch so that they can gain access to more prey. And if Biden can’t see that, he really has no business being the president.