COVID-19 is Not Slowing Down the Wall Construction

The coronavirus may have shut down the majority of events within America, but it cannot stop security. The United States of America must continue to secure its borders.

This is one reason why the newly constructed border wall is continuing to expand across the southern border. This is a sign to the world that America will not stop growing as people and taking measures to ensure that people are taken care of.

The demoralized Democrats would love to see the construction of the wall coming to grinding halt. But that is just not going to happen. It will be a thorn in their side until it is completed. It will then be a reminder for generations to come that President Trump was victorious over all of their attacks.

The Democrats are making noise as they demand that the construction stop. But construction projects have not stopped in other areas of the country. Many of the states have stepped up their efforts to improve things because there is a lot less traffic to contend with.

The Customs and Border Protection continues their efforts to approve contracts. These are contracts that allow the various stages of the project to continue. So far that has been 151 miles of fence put into a permanent place.

There are currently 200 miles of fencing being worked on with another 400 miles starting to get underway. The pace at which the fence is going up is a testament to the president. Other people said it would never happen and he made sure that it did.

Records show that at least four miles of fencing is going up each day. That is an amazing fact given the trouble that the Democrats have caused all along the way. Each team of the construction team is what Ken Cuccinelli says is “self-contained.”

Cuccinelli is the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. While the workers are moving he is making sure that they are protecting themselves from infection. The Democrats would love to make people believe that they are at risk, but Cuccinelli is making sure they are safe.

President Trump has the goal of seeing that 400 miles of fencing is finished by the election. They have taken precautions to keep their workers safe and they are moving ahead with the project. The project is on track and will have at least 450 miles done by year-end.

There is nothing that the Democrats can point out that will stop the project. They just need to give up and stop beating an old argument. Every day that passes just means miles of fencing is in place making America a safer place to live.

The Democrats would love to take the security away from the nation and open the borders. This would allow all the criminals to flood the nation. This would put the lives of American citizens at risk.

The coronavirus has been a blessing for border agents as security at the border has tightened up. President Trump has closed the borders until the virus has all but disappeared. What this means is that there are a lot less illegal crossing taking place.

The Democrats are not happy about the progress. 40 members of their sad party signed a letter and sent it to the White House demanding that the construction comes to a stop. The letter stated, “Key federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, should be prioritizing COVID-19 response to stop the spread of the virus, assist local communities, and prevent the deaths of thousands of Americans.” Truth be told is that these agencies can do both. And they are doing it very well under the direction of the president.

The Democrats seek any means to stop the president from moving forward with his promise to make America great. They hate the fact that the country is a lot better now than it ever has been in history.

Even with the effects of the virus on the economy, there are signs that it is all going to come roaring back with a vengeance. And there is nothing that the Democrats can do to stop it.