Cuomo’s New Book Should Have Working Title of How to Be a Failure at Everything

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is far from the hero that the media wants to portray him as. His state lost control of the virus in March, leading to countless deaths. Let’s also not forget his call to send seniors with the virus back to their retirement homes, leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Cuomo is also guilty of allowing De Blasio to lose control of New York City. Now, the city is experiencing more violence and deaths than they have in years – and the crime rates have escalated considerably over last year.

But, hey, Cuomo is a fearless leader – and more Dems should be like him.

The Dems love him, though. He’s the face of New York. He’s the face of the Democratic Party. The man can do no wrong. He spoke at the virtual Democratic National Convention about the success that he has had. They decided a bit of praise would help to feed his oversized ego a bit.

It seems that the governor may be a bit of a sociopath after listening to some of what he said during the virtual convention. The virus is a “metaphor” – which is odd since metaphors don’t kill people. He also referred to the coronavirus as the “European virus” which is new since it originated in China. That’s like giving China a free pass and an “I forgive you” for killing millions around the globe.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect was that Cuomo had this to say about his response to the coronavirus: “Our way worked. And it was beautiful.”

His way didn’t work. More people died in the state of New York than entire European countries. Almost 11,000 deaths were tied to his decision regarding nursing homes. Nothing about his approach was beautiful – and to say as such is horrifying.

The way the Dems are looking to make him into a hero is startling. Is this the way that the Democratic Party is going to lead? Those who kill the most are inducted into sainthood? That would explain why Dems across the country are willing to ignore the deaths from the riots. Death means nothing to them now.

They’re about to allow the entire country to be run by sociopaths. If the Dems are going to promote a failure such as Cuomo as a success, the entire country is in big trouble.

In March, when the pandemic was starting to really rear its ugly head, De Blasio was urging people to use the subways and Cuomo was ordering the nursing homes to take COVID positive patients back. The only reason that New York even began to improve is that there had already been so many deaths.

If you listen to Cuomo, all of the issues that the state had were Trump’s fault. Cuomo asked for ventilators. Trump got them. Cuomo needed help with the medical aspect. Trump sent in the military to set up a temporary hospital. Exactly what is Trump guilty of beyond helping to improve the situation in New York?

While the country is still battling the pandemic, Cuomo decided to take a victory lap. Perhaps the worst part about it all is that Cuomo thinks of himself as such a success that he’s in the process of publishing a book entitled “American Crisis.”

It will talk about how he dealt with the pandemic. Unless he’s going to confess to essentially killing tens of thousands of people due to his ineptitude, the book will be filled with lies.

Yep, welcome to the Democratic Party. A sociopath is celebrated because of his inability to lead. And, he’ll make some money on it, too, thanks to ignorant Dems who will want to learn how to be just as successful as Cuomo as they lead other cities around the country. God help us all, the Dems are turning to a sociopath for tips on how to succeed.