Curfews are Showing That Citizens Just Don’t Care

Curfews are being set up around the country to help restore order. People are taking to the streets to show their fury in a broken system. It started with the death of George Floyd, who was held under the knee of a corrupt police officer for nine minutes before dying of asphyxiation. Now, it has rolled into a fury of its own. Racial injustice. A broken justice system. The stress of a pandemic.

Several cities have lost full control as rioting goes into the early parts of the morning. New York City and Minneapolis are among the worst of the cities.

The curfews are designed to keep people off the streets. It keeps people inside and safe so that they’re not rioting and so that they’re not getting hurt by the riots.

Not all cities are doing the curfews properly. You give late curfews to those who have been good. You give early curfews to those who have been bad. Any decent parent knows that so how come Democratic mayors around the country don’t?

Mayor Bill de Blasio imposed a curfew of 11 pm in New York City. How is such a late curfew going to do anything?

There has been a significant amount of destruction across all five boroughs of New York City. The curfew is intended to discourage looting and property damage. It’s been happening at night. During the day, the protests are mostly peaceful. By why such a late curfew?

It’s in such a contrast to some of the other cities around the country. Fort Worth, Texas gave residents an 8 PM curfew. Tampa, Florida gave residents a 7:30 PM curfew.

Other cities are being more generous – Chicago has a 9 PM curfew.  Los Angeles, too, has a curfew of 9 PM.

With such a late curfew issued in NYC on June 1, it’s no surprise that DeBlasio completely lost control of the city. It was too late. It didn’t offer any kind of assistance to getting people off of the streets.

Perhaps the mayor has seen the err of his ways. As of June 2, he issued the curfew to be much earlier – 8 PM. It ensures that people are indoors for at least nine hours, keeping the looting to a minimum. The curfew will stay in effect through Sunday, June 7.

Meanwhile, Cuomo hasn’t exactly made it easy to hold everyone to their curfew. He issued a statement to say that he “stands behind” the message of the protesters. However, the violence has taken a turn for the worse in NYC. The level of looting has been troublesome for the city, the state, and the entire nation during the movement. It’s gone from being a way to shed light on the “righteous cause” to a distraction.

DeBlasio didn’t even want to issue a curfew. He didn’t find them to be effective. That might be why he gave such a late one. It’s like a parent trying to be liked by a child. However, the child doesn’t learn when they know they can take advantage of the parent. DeBlasio is too busy trying to be liked by the people of NYC to care about actually helping them.

The curfew violations in New York City carry a Class B misdemeanor, which can be a maximum penalty of three months imprisonment or one-year probation.Is that enough to keep people following curfew? Probably not.

In Dallas, those violating curfews can face up to six months in jail AND a fine of up to $1,000.

Guess which city is less likely to break curfew? Clearly, Dallas gets it and NYC doesn’t.

Some of these Democrats have never been ruled by a parent who means business and it shows. Until DeBlasio and some of the other mayors can figure out how to use a curfew to their advantage, they’re going to continue to lose control of their city night after night.