Dangerous Illegals: Our Second Pandemic Worry

The coronavirus has proven to be deadly, and it has effectively brought the country to a halt. What the pandemic hasn’t stopped, however, are the dangerous illegals who continually try to enter the country. Fortunately, our front line defenders are still essential employees, because we need them.

No, not the brave men and women on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic, but the ones who must stand guard 24-hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year – our border patrol officials. And we were once again reminded as one story reported, how much we need them, especially until the wall is completed.

The news came out of Del Rio, Texas, just last week as a Mexican National was caught attempting to get into the country – again. Amid the headlines monopolizing every story and every media out regarding the pandemic, there is still a world that is working, people who are living, and threats to our safety that still exist that have nothing to do with COVID-19.

As the aforementioned story tells us, these are also stark reminders of why we must continue President Trump’s work of immigration reform. Not despite the pandemic, but even more so because of it. This wasn’t just any Mexican National either, but this was the kind of person that is the reason why we need a wall.

According to the report, “Agents assigned to the Del Rio Border Patrol Station on April 24 encountered an illegal alien after he crossed the Rio Grande near the city of Del Rio, Texas. The agents arrested the man after he crossed the border… .”

And who was that man?

As the story continued, it said, “During processing, the agents identified the man as 44-year-old Juan Reynaldo Rodriguez-Morales, a Mexican national… During a records check, the agents learned that a court in San Angelo, Texas, convicted Rodriguez-Morales on a felony charge of attempted murder in 1993,” – it was that man and that kind of danger.

While most of us, at least those of us who aren’t on those front lines, are busy doing our part and focusing on getting through the pandemic safely, some aren’t. Some people might even attempt to use this crisis to their advantage, and no, we aren’t talking about people like certain Democratic leaders.

In this case, people who have malicious intent, and pose real threats to the safety of American citizens are the kind of people we are talking about. Again, not certain Dems, but the kind of people like the man who was caught by those Del Rio, TX border patrol officials. People who are grim reminders that crime and danger aren’t slowed by a virus. That criminals don’t stop being criminals, and that murderers don’t stop being murderers while there is a pandemic.

This is also a reminder of why the job of completing the border wall is so important. Without a wall, a barrier at our Southern border, it is a daunting task to eliminate illegal border crossing. Maybe impossible.

How much has this pandemic impacted our brave men and women on those front lines? Are they running at less than full strength? Has their job become even more difficult? Are those seeking to find a way into the U.S. thinking the same thing?

The efforts of these unheralded heroes did not go unnoticed this time. As our story also reported, the Del Rio Station Patrol Agent in charge, Ricardo Moreno said, “The men and women of the Del Rio Station continue to impress me…The security of our nation is our topmost priority, and that begins here in our communities and neighborhoods.”

The pandemic threat is real, but we will get past it. The threat of illegal immigration is real, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they seem to have much in common, this virus and illegal immigration. They both hurt the economy, they steal our sense of security, ravage our workforce, and they both can be deadly.

Illegal immigration, however, isn’t a deadly worldwide pandemic. It is worse. It is important that we take the coronavirus seriously, and it is important that we never lose perspective too.