Decades of Biden in Congress Come Back to Bite Him

In this instance, the answer is Joe Biden for both.

His inefficiencies as a Senator and a Vice President are coming back to bite him now that he wants to move the U.S. in the right direction.

When Joe Biden addressed Congress before a joint session, he talked heavily of new programs that are focused on family assistance and education.

How will these programs get paid for? Well, this is when things start to get a bit hazy for our president. He plans to increase taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. He argues that the trickle-down economics of the Reagan era “never worked.”

Perhaps he forgot that he was a member of Congress during the Reagan era. More importantly, he was one of the many members of Congress to vote in favor of Reagan’s 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act, which ultimately led to the 1986 tax reform plan. Those were responsible for lowing individual and corporate tax rates.

Biden doesn’t want to be reminded of such things. Instead, he says “It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out.”

There’s a reason why so many people were hesitant to vote for Joe Biden…in the primaries and in the general election. He’s been a part of Capitol Hill for decades. He’s had a chance to fix things, and he didn’t.

Now, much of Biden’s inadequacies are coming back to the forefront of America’s economic problems. If Reagan’s trickle-down economics has never worked, why did he vote in favor of them back in 1981? More importantly, why didn’t he try to fix those issues while he remained in the Senate for the next two decades? Then, while serving as Vice President to Obama, he could have still fixed those issues.

He wants to make this announcement as though he’s telling the country something new and exciting. He’s finally had his “A-ha!” moment.

It’s too late, Joe. No one believes that he’s capable of anything at this point. He’s had decades to fix the country. And, each time he’s up to bat, he fails. And, he’s failing now.

Biden wants to play Robin Hood at this time. He’ll steal from the rich and the corporations to give to the poor. That’s all well and great, but is that what’s really going to make a difference? At some point, Biden has to realize that the poor can’t keep being given money. They have to be given the tools to make their own money.

“Family assistance” and “education” are buzz words that he uses to try and get Americans excited about what he’s offering. However, the details of those programs are nowhere to be found.

What he really means is that he’s going to do the same thing he’s been doing. Nothing. He’ll only use these words as a way to boost his rating. Then, at the end of his four years, the country will be no better than it is right now. The only thing Biden is capable of leaving for his legacy is lies.

He may cut back some student loan debt. He may give away millions to those who are too lazy to find full-time work. But, he’s not providing any real, lasting benefits.

The trickle-down economic model isn’t the best. However, if corporate taxes are raised too much, they’ll lay people off – and that’s not going to help with the unemployment rate.

This is just another example of how Biden is making empty promises. We’ve seen what he can do – and now he’s trying to fix his mistakes from nearly 40 years ago. Sorry, Joe. Try harder. Americans are not impressed with this plan.