Dem Caught Whining That Her Opponent is a Trump Supporter

Isn’t the idea of calling a “Trump supporter” dead yet? It seems that liberals love to beat a dead horse. They’re so terrified that Trump could make a comeback that they will use the concept as a threat to protect their positions.

A Democrat running for office has decided that calling her opponent a Trump supporter is the best way to win the public’s affections.

U.S. Representative Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat out of Florida, is obviously feeling the pressure. She knows that if she doesn’t win her seat again in 2022, she may be responsible for the Democratic Party losing its majority position in the House.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, a Republican, is actively in pursuit of Murphy’s seat. And considering that the state is a Republican-leaning state, he probably won’t have to work too hard to win the seat.

Murphy has decided to play dirty. She referred to Sabatini as an “extremist Trump supporter” in a campaign fundraising email that she sent out.

Does she have any proof? Of course not. She feels as though simply mentioning Trump’s name will spark fear and outrage into the hearts of liberals throughout Florida.

Sabatini isn’t one to simply roll over, however. He’s prepared to fight back – and he recently told Breitbart News Tuesday that the U.S. rep is “Pelosi’s servant” and that she’s suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Murphy is hardly representative of the people of Florida. She’s voted with Pelosi 95 percent of the time. She’s even voted with “The Squad” 90 percent of the time. Her voting record says it all – she’s an ultra-liberal.

Ultra-liberals haven’t been faring well in the polls. It turns out most Americans aren’t happy with that kind of political leaning. Americans want reasonable politicians who know how to walk the line down the middle of their party.

Murphy is eager to stay within politics so that she can help to spread her liberal agenda. She shows her eagerness by showing that she has no allegiance to the House nor the Senate.

She had, at one point, been looking to compete against fellow Florida Dem Val Demings for her Senate seat. When it became clear that she wouldn’t be getting anywhere, she decided to work to hold onto her congressional seat in the House. However, her liberalism is going to cause her to lose out on any seat.

Murphy has held her seat since 2017. She has contributed nothing to Congress beyond being Pelosi’s puppet. The only claim to fame that she has is being the first Vietnamese American woman to be voted into Congress.

Murphy could potentially win the seat by backing down on some of her liberal views. She could be telling the people of Florida what they can expect from her should they vote for her over Sabatini. Instead, she’d rather run a smear campaign. It’s showing off her desperation more than anything.

When she withdrew from her Senate bid, she commented that “We’ve had too many close losses in Florida, and so I wanted to use my experience from winning tough races to help the party prepare itself.”

She makes it sound as though she has a history of winning races. She won a single race, which happened in 2016 when she beat 12-term incumbent John Mica.

Murphy doesn’t know how to pick a winning candidate, either. She threw her support behind Beto O’Rourke and endorsed him in the presidential primaries. Then, once he left the race, she threw her support behind Michael Bloomberg. When she realized she had no other choice left, she finally chose to endorse Joe Biden.

Murphy is hardly the challenger that anyone wants to see win the race. She is an extremist in her liberal views, as is demonstrated with her voting record. Meanwhile, she knows she can’t win against Sabatini, so she feels inclined to scream “Trump supporter” to any Democrat who might be looking to vote.