Dem Rep Says Opening Up the Country is Racist

If ever there was a time when the races of the world and this nation should come together and work as one against a common cause, it is now against the coronavirus pandemic that has America in a vice grip. And some are doing just that, giving help where help is needed and hope where it is lacking.

However, others such as Ohio’s Democratic Representative Marcia Fudge is doing the exact opposite. Instead, she is creating even more division and hate.

On Monday, Fudge was one of many prominent politicians and black community leaders who participated in a virtual town hall in support of the former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The event, titled, “Confronting Coronavirus: Addressing Impacts and Disparities in the Black Community,” featured names such as failed presidential candidate and Senator Kamala Harris and senior advisor Symone Sanders, as well as others.

Being discussed were many ideas and issues that currently face the nation. So, of course, the potential reopening of the country’s economy and businesses was high on the priority list.

It is a rather controversial issue, as reopening businesses in many states is crucial for our economy to not dive further into a hole. But do so, makes it more likely for people to not adhere to social distancing guidelines and therefore create more cases of COVID-19.

Fudge, based on her statements during the online event, is clearly against reopening. However, her reasoning is a bit questionable, to say the least. Basically, it all comes down to race.

According to Fudge, reopening the country is nothing but racist.

She said, “You know, they opened the beauty salons and the barbershops and the bowling alleys and the movie theaters. When they start opening up the country clubs and tanning spas, then I’m going to go to one, that’s first. Because they’re just opening up the things that black people go to because they know we’ve got these checks and they want us to spend them.”

Wait. Did Fudge honestly just insinuate that the government sent us checks and then started letting states reopen their businesses so more people from the black communities only could get infected and die?

Indeed, she did. And her next few comments only pounded that idea home.

“They don’t care about our safety. That’s why when they start opening up things they go to, then I’ll understand it’s time to start for them to open up some things for us.”

I’m sorry, but does Fudge think that no one who isn’t black goes to the movies, has a family bowling night, or goes to get their hair done at a salon?

Talk about being racist.

Furthermore, she is wrong if she thinks “country clubs” aren’t opening up as well. In fact, Golf Adviser recently came out with a list of states where golf courses, which are typically related to country clubs, are now open. Georgia, for example, is one of those. Georgia has also allowed “private social clubs,” which would most likely include country clubs, to reopen, according to WSB-TV.

In fact, former president Barack Obama just spent the weekend at a golf outing with his “country club.”

Can you imagine anyone from the Republican party saying these things? They would immediately be branded as the scum of the earth and put out of office for even thinking it.

But Fudge is a member of the liberal left and identity politics is everything. So if something terrible is happening, race has to come into play, regardless of how very little sense it makes.

Just like this pandemic is not racist, neither is the reopening of our economy. Businesses, regardless of who frequents them, have to reopen if our communities are to survive and grow. When the government ordered the shutdown of all non-essential industries or put limits on them, it didn’t just affect the black community.

It has affected everyone, and to think otherwise is not only absolutely ridiculous, but ignorant as well.