Democrat Yells Racism as He Loses Primary Election Over ‘Black Voter Suppression’

The Democrats are showing their true colors as time gets closer to the election. In a ridiculous effort to try and squeeze his way into politics, Michael Blake cried out that his loss was due to “intentional black voter suppression.”

Blake is an African American candidate that is trying to replace a New York lawmaker that is retiring. He was so mad that he suffered a loss that he blamed it all on racism and the fact the people of color were not allowed to vote.

Blake is the product of a generation that was never taught how to deal with losing. He feels that he should get a first-place trophy as well since he came in second on the ballot.

He is a man that is living in his own version of a Democratic utopia where he wins everything. But in the real world, he is just the first-place loser. Someone who is crying about losing and making up stupid excuses and reasons as to why he lost.

Blake’s loss has nothing to do with him being a man of color. He lost to Ritchie Torres is African American as well. And the lawmaker that is retiring is a Puerto Rican by descent. His claim of racism is simply a loser trying to take the win away from a man that rightly won the election.

Blake also stated that he knew of a polling place that was moved without cause. He stated that it ended up “forcing elderly voters to walk 11 blocks away, putting their health at risk.” The Democrats cry about everything that they lose at.

He also stated that another polling place opened late in what he calls “the heart of a Black neighborhood.” These sorry reasons for his loss do not add up. He believes that enough people decided to not vote because it opened late that he could have won. He is speculating a world that just does not exist. If anything, those voters would have voted for the other guy and make Blake look like more of a loser.

Blake is coming up with just about every reason why he lost. He even speculated that many affidavit ballots were never counted. He has no proof of such claims. He stated that “With these examples of voter suppression, intimidation, delays, and with 43k absentee ballots uncounted, I will not concede. All votes must be counted and serious concerns from the people must be addressed.”

He continued to blame his loss on racism and even contradicted his belief when he said “Intentional black voter suppression and undemocratic processes clearly don’t just happen in the South but also in the South Bronx. These incidents, among others, are too pervasive to be a coincidence. They are a concerted effort to suppress the Black vote.”

He just said that the suppression does not happen in the Bronx, but he is claiming that it did this time. Blake is the perfect example of a Democrat that cries about losing. He is the picture of what is going to happen when Biden loses in November. Biden will not want to concede because he will try and prove that not all the votes were counted, or some region was rigged.

Blake’s competition stated that “We reiterate what Ritchie said on Election Night: Every vote must be counted. We’re confident that Ritchie will emerge from the complete vote as the decisive winner.” In other words, they will give the big baby a recount of votes to show that he indeed lost.

What is sad is how the matter has split the Democratic Party. One source stated that the leaders of the DNC stated that “This is a vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee … accusing the Bronx Democratic Party of rigging an election for a candidate they didn’t even endorse?”

So here there is a party that is accusing other party members of rigging an election in favor of their favorite candidate. It sounds like what the DNC did with Joe Biden as they silently pushed the other contenders out of the picture.