Democratic Abuse Grows As This Member of Congress Mistreats Her Staff

The Democratic Party is full of people that only look out for themselves. They may brag about being unified and even do a few things for others once in a great while, but in the end, they are laced with selfishness and greed. And when they no longer need to use another person, they are quick to get rid of them or make their lives miserable to the point they are willing to leave.

Kamala Harris was one person that made life miserable for the people that were forced to work with her. She is rude to her staff and refuses to listen to anyone who is not a lieutenant or above in her ladder of sin. She fails to communicate and does not provide direction, so no one knows what anyone is doing.

The kind of work conditions that some are describing is indicative of the Democrat politicians. The party has a significant turnover of employees who are unwilling to sit through the nonsense of politicians seeking power and fame for themselves.

The latest dictator to come out as an abuser is none other than Pramila Jayapal. This sad little Democrat is accused of abusing her employees. One report noted that the information gathered against her was reported by multiple sources that collaborate the accusations against her.

One source noted that her people are told to work extremely long hours with horrible pay. The region that they are required to live in is expensive. And she only pays $30,000 to $40,000 a year, which is not enough to live in an area of the country that demands a six-figure salary to begin to even afford decent living conditions.

The communist dictator has been serving herself since 2017. She is a socialist that claims to be fighting for workers. Her mission is twisted to the core. Socialism does not fight for the workers. It simply takes from the hard workers and gives the bounty to the dictator or regional governor, who in turn would love to exterminate their leader so they can take over.

Jayapal’s staff tells a different story of what kind of person she is. The woman treats everyone beneath her like trash. She does not even treat them like people. This kind of treatment is characteristic of a person who believes they are better than everyone else and will live like it. It is the story of a slave owner who believes their slaves are nothing more than animals to beat.

In another report, it was stated that Jayapal fired two people without any severance pay. And the excuse that she gave them was that her office needed to reduce its size to save money. Those two people were, then, told to apply for a new position within the office that would have been created to handle the jobs of the two people that were just fired.

They had to go through the hiring process like some recruits coming in off the street. There was no internal posting or chance for them to shift over to the position. And when they finally applied, they were told that they did not get the job. Jayapal lifted their hopes and beat them down by choosing other candidates. The two people involved did not want to comment about the nasty Democrat, most likely out of fear that they would have been threatened for speaking up.

It has also been found that Jayapal has a sharp tongue and does not care who she verbally abuses in front of other people. She cannot stand mistakes and makes it clear what she thinks of people that make minor errors.

Jayapal also reportedly yelled at a woman for gaining weight. The direct cause was the congresswoman kept her working so many hours that she could not take care of herself. The abuse that she has put people through has led them to seek counseling for the mental strain they have been put through.

Jayapal may claim to look out for people, but her actions show a different reality. A person who cannot treat her staff respectfully has no business trying to care for the people of a nation.