Democrats Calling Acquittal Something Other Than What it Really is

he Democrats are a group of people that truly believe that the laws of America do not apply to them. They pushed ahead with their terrible trial and accusations against President Trump knowing full well that they were going to lose.

They knew that none of the accusations or testimonies were enough to convict him of offense that was not even impeachable in the first place. But they pushed on and the Senate found him innocent and acquitted him of all wrongdoing.

The day after brought out another side of the Democrats that seems to be revolting. Their repulsive faces took to the airways and spewed words out that tried to redefine the verdict passed down by the Senate. To be acquitted of crimes in an impeachment trial means nothing short of “full exoneration.” They are trying to pass off that the ruling is something less than what it is.

The Democrats now believe that it is their job to continue to investigate and try the president. Terrible Adam Schiff is hinting that they will continue to press and pull people to investigate. He has just admitted that they are going to continue to harass the president and his staff. The issue is done in the eyes and hearts of the nation, but not for the corrupt and power-hungry Democrats.

The Democrats have nothing else that they can fall back on to try to remove the president. All their attempts to prove how horrible he is and corrupt has only served to prove how awesome and honest he is. The people knew in 2016 that the nation needed an honest president and that is exactly what they got.

What the Democrats are trying to do at this point is against the law. The Seventh Amendment reads that “no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States.” In this case, the Senate was the jury. They found no basis to convict President Trump of the accusations that the Democrats threw at him.

Any attempt by the Democrats to retry President Trump will bring heavy consequences on them. The president can opt to go after the Democrats is they continue to push the issue. It would be in the best interest of everyone to let the matter fall into the history books.

But that is not good enough for the Democrats. They want the president gone. Their disgusting behavior is intolerable, and they have signed their death certificates for the upcoming elections.

The judicial system of America is well-balanced. When a person is found innocent, they cannot be retried for the same crimes. And the opposite is equally true, a person cannot demand a retrial when found guilty.

Jury verdicts of an acquittal nature are not able to be taken to another court. In this case, the Supreme Court was already involved so there really is no other court to run to for help.

The Democrats cannot spin this case into another forum or try to rewrite the story and hope for another outcome. The Fifth Amendment prohibits such an appeals process. The Senate ruling is final and nothing that the Democrats can say or do can ever change that.

Once the acquittal ruling was done that ended the attacks by the Democrats. Their promises to pursue are meaningless. Because there is nothing more they can do with this issue.

The Democrats have proven that they believe the impeachment process or threat of it can be used as a weapon against the other political party. The Democrats tried to use the process for the own advantage.

They tried to remove a Republican president based on false accusations. Logically their next step would have been to remove Vice President Pence so one of their own, Nancy Pelosi, would take office.

Their attempts failed and left them looking like bigger fools. Pelosi was hoping to become the next president after the removal of the two Republicans but that never happened. In her disgust for them, she ripped up the speech that she was supposed to have given in their place.