Democrats Can’t Use Drugs? What Will They Do Now?

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The Democrats are looking for anything they can get their hands on to smear Republicans before the midterm elections. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has to educate Madison Cawthorn because of statements made to the public. The statements in question are just what the Democrats need to perpetuate chaos and harm the conservative party.

The issue surrounds comments that Cawthorn made about other politicians. He stated some of the old-timers had wanted him to participate in orgies and get involved with taking drugs as part of the experience.

Keven McCarthy was not at all pleased with Cawthorn. The older politician had to mentor the younger Cawthorn by telling him, “It’s just frustrating. There’s no evidence behind his statements. And when I sit down with him … I told him you can’t make statements like that, as a member of Congress, that affects everybody else and the country as a whole.”

The younger generation does not always do what they know is right. Sometimes they like to jump to conclusions and make claims that are not what they seem to be. McCarthy is sure that Cawthorn jumped to a conclusion instead of investigating the facts behind what he saw.

The Democrats are people who jump to conclusions before getting the facts straight. Republicans are known for finding out the truth before drawing conclusions and setting a course of action. But these are learned traits, and Cawthorn must learn this lesson before he puts his foot in his mouth again.

His claims were taken by the media and twisted out of proportion to fit a political agenda for the liberals. The young politician admitted to the minority leader what he saw might have been a staff person and not another politician. But the way he stated the gossip was just enough for people to think that all politicians are drug addicts.

Cawthorn’s statement that is causing trouble was, “I look at all these people, a lot of them that I’ve looked up to through my life, I’ve always paid attention to politics. Then, all of the sudden you get invited to, ‘Well hey, we’re going to have kind of a sexual get together at one of our homes, you should come.’ I’m like, ‘What did you just ask me to come to do?’ And then you realize they are asking you to come to an orgy.”

His remarks are causing ripples in Washington because people immediately think that the issue is deep within the conservative party. Some are pushing for change in America but are unwilling to make those changes in their lives first. It is a bit of a double standard, don’t you think?

And the more the media keeps pushing the issue, the more damage it will cause for others. The Democrats need this kind of drama to spin ahead of the midterm elections. Without it, they do not stand a chance of winning against powerful and honest Republicans that are winning the people’s hearts.

Cawthorn has a lot of maturing to do in politics. He is one of the youngest to be elected, which means he will have much growing up to do. But that does not mean that, someday, he will become a robust and influential member of the Republican Party. The man says things before thinking through the ramifications and the trouble that his words may cause.

The nasty Democrats need this kind of drama to use against Cawthorn and other members of the Republican Party. They know that if they can get the man to say more things without thinking about them, they will have the ammunition they need to oust him in the coming election. But with Keven McCarthy looking out for him and helping him see what his statements can do to people, he will stand a fighting chance of having another term in Washington.