Democrats Embrace Racism as They Attack Scott with ‘Audacious, Repugnant Behavior’

The Democrats are a double-tongued group of people that will tell someone one thing and they will do a completely different option. They claim that they are tolerant and favor the African American community, but the truth is being told that they do not care for them.

The only thing that they care about is the ones that are going to vote for them. Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina has stated the Democrats have been harassing him and sending him offensive voicemails because he takes a different stance on police reform.

The Democrats will not work with anyone that has a different course of action regarding any issue. Scott is an African American Republican serving his country. Simply based on the rhetoric coming from the Democrats everyone would think that they would at least listen to him.

But the truth is that the Democrats value political affiliation above everything else. Their mouths speak words of acceptance, but their actions boil over with racism and hatred for people that believe differently than they do.

Scott played all of the insulting and hateful messages to the other Republican’s. He did not just have one or two messages.

He stated that “We had dozens — more than a dozen of them. I only played two of them, which were the most racially offensive comments from liberals in this country. They called to say that I was in their crosshairs.”

The comments that he listened to were nearly taken as death threats by people that should have been working with him.

he went on to say that “It was so profanity-laced, you can’t play five seconds of those videos on your show because there are that many f-bombs, the n-word — by liberal Democrats — causing a stir in my office, threatening my life.

It is the most audacious, repugnant behavior I’ve seen in a very long time.” The Democrats are the true white supremacist threat in the country. They use people for their votes and treat the rest of the country as criminals.

Scott has been working on a police reform idea that has gained some support. The Democrats have done nothing but complain and fight with everyone about things that they want to see done to the country.

Their premise is that if it is not their idea, then they will not listen or work with that person. Scott has been the recipient of those beliefs. He was told that he should be working with the liberal Democrats and not doing his own thing.

Scott stated that “I had multiple conversations with Democrats, including those two [Booker and Harris], about what they saw that needed to be changed in the bill. Now, I offered them … 20 amendments to do the changing. They still walked away from the opportunity. I would certainly add to my legislation [a ban on] carotid [chokeholds] … But if that is our disagreement, that’s solved in 30 seconds.”

Scott tried to work with the two socialists, but he could not get them to treat him like a person.

The Democrats would love nothing more than to destroy all of the Republicans. They see them as their enemy. Not once in the past four years has there been a Democrat that has worked with a Republican. All they have done is to fight with everyone.

They act like the ignorant protestors that are marching around the country attacking every white person they cannot realizing that many of them are married to people of color. The Democrats fail to see that the issue of race is not as big as they make it out to be.

Scott rightly stated that “The uneducated are showing up in droves and unfortunately, they’re getting microphones because they have been empowered not by the historical perspective, not — as Congressman Clyburn said — an assessment and an evaluation based on historical understanding. That’s out the window.”

Scott stated that these people are changing their views on what to protest about. It has moved from George Floyd’s death to defunding the police and finally to rewriting history. They just don’t know what they want to fight about next.