Democrats Fear Arizona Audit Results as Trump Rubs It in Their Faces

The Democrats are running scared as more audit results are coming out. Their purposeful push to hide the fraud and ballot manipulation hangs around their necks, ready to drag them down. For months, Donald Trump claimed that they could not be trusted and made it his mission to expose them for their cheats.

Their media partners ignored the stories and the accounts. Instead, they tried to silence the truth-tellers with the hopes of burying the sins of the liberals under confusion and made-up lies.

State leaders refused to believe that such actions were even possible on the level that Trump was claiming. They figured that isolated accounts of fraud could happen, but not on a national level. But the more the courts dug into the facts, it was determined that something big was buried deep beneath the surface.

Donald Trump has never backed off of the pressure to find out the truth. So as time moved on, state leaders decided to better at least look into the accusations to put faith back into the voting system. And what they are finding only supports Donald Trump’s statements of fraud on a national level.

Trump took the stage at a recent rally and knocked the Democrats square in the face. He pointed out that there are states performing audits to determine the truth. And one, in particular, is standing out and scaring the Democrats to death.

Arizona was one of the states that seemed to have been targeted by the liberals. Mysterious vote jumps and questionable ballots flooded the system late into the night. And all the votes were aimed at putting Joe Biden ahead of Trump in the tally.

The state of Arizona targeted its audit endeavors at Maricopa County. But, first, they look at the count and look for the irregularities that pop up during the live counting on television.

The audit was a point of interest for people listening to the speech given by Donald Trump. But, unfortunately, the items that are being unearthed are adding to the millstone hanging on the Democrat’s necks.

Trump stated that “I want to thank the brave Republican Senators in the State of Arizona for what they are doing. Because they saw what was happening and what is going to happen is they are going to issue a report in the not too distant future and it will be interesting to see.”

Trump seems to know that they will find something that tilted the entire election in Joe Biden’s favor. And what the state finds will be enough to cause other states to perform the same audit in their contested regions.

The Democrats are screaming for mercy because the very thing they did not want to happen is taking place, and it is gaining momentum. They need the secrets of the election to remain buried because it very well could mean that they lose their power grab. And they will never be trusted in the future with matters of importance.

The audit being performed in Arizona is being done to restore faith in the electoral process. The massive audit performed in 2020 in Florida allowed for things to change, and now the state has some of the best election laws in the country.

There is a lot that hangs on the audit. First, the integrity of the Democratic Party hangs in the balance. Or at least by a thread since they have already proven that they are a party of liars and manipulators in the past six months.

The Democrats have never been in favor of proving the reliability of the election results. If they were no foul play, there is nothing to worry about. But since they resist at every turn, it only leads people to believe that they have something to hide.

Trump has stated that the audit is going to be a “Big Deal.” Every time he makes a claim such as the one he has made in his speech, he has been correct. The media is shaking in fear, and the Democrats are white as a ghost because their devious deeds are being exposed one layer at a time.